Does This Hashtag Reveal The Current State Of Radical Feminism?

Throughout a typical day, Twitter users might find a steady stream of trending ‘hashtags,’ giving them an idea of what the popular topics of discussion are at any time. Occasionally, one term will gather steam and take off – for better or worse – across all segments of the social media site.

On Friday, #EndFathersDay was one such term, ostensibly created by radical feminists in an effort to fight American patriarchy. The result, however, was widespread criticism of those who legitimately wish to stop the annual celebration of fatherhood.

Tasha Polwright, whose Twitter profile describes her as an “Intersectional feminist and women’s rights microblogger,” took a central role in spreading the message many find outlandish.

NayNay Thompson describes herself as “Queer + black + angry + intersectional feminist + Marxist” and picks up where Polwright stops.

Of course, the vast majority of comments deride these and other feminists who take such a militant stance against manhood and the important role of fathers in a family.

Some have tried to describe the hashtag’s popularity on a hoax, though there seems to be little evidence to back up that claim. Polwright herself seems to vouch for its authenticity, even as other social networks are being credited — or blamed — for inventing it.

Either way, many contend that, no matter its origin, the fact that many have embraced it as legitimate is proof that it is.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. peace & love says:

    No, we are All mistaken. A father can only do so much to protect his daughter from the abuses committed by a few of the male gender. Throughout life, those men in our lives who have loved us, like grandfathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, our sons, should not pay for the criminal acts of rape, molestation, or violence toward women, especially not the non-guilty of the men. Also remember, those elder men who did not violate you. Those who were teachers, instructors, advisors, and coaches who were mature enough to see you as a human being, not as an "object". Only a few of the male gender actually commit this type of crime against young women. The few of the male gender that violate, abuse and neglect women are considered criminals.

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