Is Obama Going To Establish Separate Government Structures Based On Race?

For all his campaign rhetoric promising a post-racial society upon his ascension to the White House, many Americans feel no president has done more to divide the nation along ethnic lines.

According to recent reports, a proposal that could go into effect in Hawaii would only bolster those apprehensions. The Obama administration is reportedly considering the implementation of an independent tax and legal structure that would apply only to the state’s native race.

The plan was revealed near the beginning of the long Memorial Day weekend, leading many to assume Obama is once again trying to further his agenda by subterfuge.

“There is no constitutional basis for conferring such status,” said civil rights spokesperson Carissa Mulder; “and Congress has repeatedly refused to confer this status.”

She concluded that this announcement “seems to be yet another case of the Obama administration ignoring the law to achieve its policy objectives.”

Others feel such policies could easily be expanded to include other races, effectively dismantling the efforts throughout the 20th Century to create equality of all Americans regardless of skin color.

“If you can do that with groups that are already part of the mainstream, you can balkanize the country,” explained University of San Diego law professor Gail Heriot.

According to documents released late last week, the goal of this proposal is “to more effectively implement the special political and trust relationship that Congress has established between that community and the United States.”

While Heriot noted the intention probably has roots in the protection of land revenue distributed to native Hawaiians, she noted that, unlike Native Americans, that land is not considered a reservation because members of the group are fully American citizens. As such, there is no precedent for establishing a separate government for members of the race.

If successful, this move would force through the basic objectives contained in a bill that has been stalled in Congress since the beginning of the decade. The Akaka bill, named for native Hawaiian Sen. Daniel Akaka, sought to implement similar racial segregation but was rejected by a significant number of legislators and civil rights activists.

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  1. Kevin Kenward says:

    We're ALL Americans ALREADY!!!!! Does he NOT understand this? Is he the only one? Divide and conquer looks like to me! WE have to "ALL" stick together an NOT listen to their divide tactics!

  2. mutantone says:

    will to further divide the people into sub groups to be exploited like the democrats do all the races already?
    it is time to get beyond racial labels and not expand on them, it is time to limit it to just two categories, "Citizen" or "Visitor"

  3. The WH Faker would divide this country six ways to Sunday if WTP do not get off our butts and put out of biz or out of office, we are wasting time calling him a POTUS when he cannot respect the law and produce a valid BC..why is he still in the Oval Office?
    His agenda is to divide and conquer, it is damage at the max and use of office to achieve illegally what he cannot get this lackeys in the congress to do by rule of law, it is malice aforethought and a plan to impact the country forever….

  4. O needs to either be arrested NOW or impeachment proceedings started NOW. People, PLEASE email or phone your congressmen and demand one of the two be started now. If their office is bombarded with emails or calls the congressmen can't say no one wants that to happen

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    There isn't a doubt in my mind that Sambo is a divider and not a uniter.Since he became president he has done nothing to bring the country together and he use people like Clyburn ,Watters, Sheila Lee Jackson and Cummings to add more gas to the fire.He tells Holder not to investigate the black panthers in Philly causing trouble at voting places.He has the IRS under Lerner to go after white conservative groups.How much more does he have to do before the tit sucking press goes after him.

  6. Our Constitution already treats all Citizens the same, we already all have the very same Bill of Rights and therefore we all should be equal in the eyes of the Law…..
    Obama wants to carve out some for special treatment above all others…. Hmmm. Have you read the Qur'an? Take a read and see who is superior to all others on the face of the earth according to the Qur'an….. Yep, you guessed it.
    Those who have dedicated their lives to Islam are those special people who are to be the dictators to everyone else…. Those who do want to be slaves to Islam must pay a fine and agree to live in squalor and as second class people forever. Those who do not become slaves to the Muslim will be killed…..
    Hmmm, where does Obama come up with these ideas…… Read it, and you shall understand….

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    He also wants to change the name to The Black House or The Homies Crib.

  8. Roy S. Mallmann says:

    Barack Obama was "elected" to be President of the United States. He was not elected to do anything other than that. What right does he or any other elected official have to change our government in any other way than to discharge those duties. If he is doing this (and he is), he needs to be removed from office by any way possible. If he is blocking any legal way to do this, which appears to be the case, then he leaves the people of the United States, no choice but to remove him by force. I hope and pray that it does not come to this, but it may.

  9. Message to Mr. Barry Barack Soetoro Obama, or whatever the heck your real name is: OPEN UP ALL OF THEOSE SEALED AND HIDDEN COLLEGE APPLICATIONS, RECORDS AND WRITINGS OF YOURS!
    America, there's our answer and he's hiding it fiercely. But it will come out one day and he will be exposed for the Marxist/Communist and hater of anything American, Constitution, the American flag and apple pie. He will be exposed as the greatest fraud and danger ever perpetrated upon We The People. His Presidential Library should be in a federal prison cell eating peas.

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