Does Obama Really “Know What It’s Like” To Be Poor In America Today?

Barack Obama speech 7 SC Does Obama Really Know What Its Like To Be Poor In America Today?

( – Barack Obama’s vision as president is shaped by the fact that he knows what “it’s like to take a subway or a bus just to find a fresh piece of fruit in a grocery store,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said last week.

Donovan seemed to be suggesting that the president had once lived in what First Lady Michelle Obama now refers to as a “food desert”–a place without a nearby supermarket. The First Lady has launched an initiative to eliminate these places.

“Why has all this work been such a priority for the president and every one of us in the administration?” Donovan said. “Because he knows what you know: He knows what it’s like to walk the halls of public housing because he’s worked there.”

Read More at CNS News. By Penny Starr.

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  1. sean murry says:

    The SOB never has been poor.

  2. He has been hand raised like a prized race Horse, so he has no clue of what its like to be poor now, before or ever. When he ate dog it had nothing to do with poverty. Once his handlers got him stateside it was the gravy train, Cocaine and Marijuana aplenty for the brother.

  3. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I don’t think he even knows what it means or what it’s like to BE AN AMERICAN, never mind “poor in America today”! How could he know either of these things, since he is NOT AN AMERICAN! What’s worse, he doesn’t want to be one, or know what it feels like to BE AN AMERICAN! He is everything that an AMERICAN ISN”T! He is a MU SLIME, and MU SLIMES HATE AMERICANS, and if they had their way, we’d be even poorer than they are, and even worse than that, we’d all be dead, and they’d run over this nation, and make it not a “third world hellhole”, but a “fourth world septic”! Then all the happy little diseases known as mu SLIMES could come here and make it into the filthy plague ridden death camp that they so desire! No, this peice of camel dung hasn’t a clue. And, what I call him, whether it is that “thing” or that “disease” or any other insulting name I can think of, it is only how I feel, this is ME, speaking my mind! I despise this destructive peice of SH#)(% more than any insulting word can relay to anyone! destroying my nation, my country is beyond insulting to me, so if I am insulting, trust me when I say, I MEAN TO BE!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      And to Steve, if you are reading this, I do not intend to be “nice”. If I did, I would sing and write the praises of this thing that seems to think that he is either GOD Himself, or if not God, then he thinks that he is God’s gift to the American people. He isn’t, and I do not mean to be nice. Sorry if that bothers or upsets you. IF so, then do not read my comments. have a great day anyhow.

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