Documents Show ACORN Coordinated with Justice Dept. Voting Rights Section

Judicial Watch has done it again. It has produced–following a Freedom of Information Act request filed with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) – documents that suggest extensive coordination and communications between the DOJ Voting Section and former ACORN affiliate Project Vote.

Project Vote appears to be directing DOJ resources toward particular states; is having meetings with DOJ staff; and is even recommending lawyers to work in the Justice Department Voting Section that will oversee the 2012 presidential election.

Project Vote also appears to have played a role in the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration, which aims to force the state to increase voter registration in welfare agencies and drug treatment offices.

The documents also appear to show that Project Vote receives special access to, and meetings with, DOJ officials. So do other voter fraud-deniers, such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund; Tova Wang at Demos; and the Brennan Center for Justice. I write about numerous similar instances in my book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.

These activist groups have enjoyed access to the top political appointees at DOJ over voting–including Aaron McCree Lewis, in the Office of the Attorney General; Sam Hirsch, Deputy Associate Attorney General; and Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of voting issues, Matthew Colangelo.

Emails obtained by Judicial Watch also suggest that Project Vote was directing complaints to the persons at DOJ responsible for deploying election monitoring resources, urging them to devote resources to races around the country–particularly where Tea Party groups were active in efforts to combat voter fraud.

On February 23, 2010, Estelle Rogers, head of Project Vote and a former ACORN lawyer, also urged….

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  1. If I were planing to ruin the USA, I'd do so many things that O'Bummer and his folks are already doing. Then I'd admit to it and tell how the whole government is corrupt, including a fraudulent president with complicit Congress and Supreme Court, and declare the country defunct so I could ask the UN to "save us" with a New World Order.

    Hmm, I wonder of O'Bummer's puppets have thought the same thing!

  2. It would appear that they target minority groups which then disseminate wide spread race disharmony. I call them “Race Pimps” whose agenda is to advance their warped visions of America and more inequality.

  3. Phyllis in Texas says:

    Hey, it is out in the open now, every American should know by now that Obama and his henchmen are evil. Acorn never went away, Holder will stop any kind of ID to vote. There is no way Obama can win in a legal way but then what has he ever done so far that was legal. A sad day for our country that folks here in the greatest country on earth would install a kenyan to be President, a disgrace. Nothing could be worse. DOWN WITH OBAMA the sooner the better

  4. Ross Blankert says:

    This is what you get with Democrats who will do ANYTHING to gain power. There are no ethics, no morals, and laws mean nothing. The Department of Justice is filled with radical leftists and communists. This was the Obama agenda. When the president of the United States says that the free market system has never worked and that we have to distribute the wealth equally with those who will not work, you know that this man is a communist. If you surround yourself criminals, you are probably a criminal yourself. If you surround yourself with communists, you are probably a communist. My mom said birds of a feather, flock together.

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