Doctors Urge More Hospitals To Perform Abortions

Hospital SC Doctors Urge More Hospitals to Perform Abortions

There are many ways to pressure an institution into steering clear of providing abortion. In Toledo, Ohio, the last remaining abortion clinic may be forced to close next week after area hospitals refused to provide transfer agreements, citing a desire to remain “neutral” in the abortion debate. Earlier this month, the sole abortion doctor in Green Bay, Wis., agreed to stop providing the procedure after a local private hospital acquired his clinic. This comes as laws tightening regulations on abortion providers threaten to close clinics in at least five states, part of a Republican-led push that both pro-life and pro-choice activists say is designed to chip away access to abortion rights.

Now a group of medical professors is responding to the crackdown by urging hospitals to fill the void and reverse a decades-long trend that has isolated abortion providers from the mainstream medical community. The effort comes alongside a change in the kinds of professionals who work in women’s health. Ob-gyns are increasingly young and female doctors who, medical professors say, hold different attitudes toward abortion than their older male colleagues.

In a statement set to be published in the September issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 100 ob-gyns condemn new state restrictions on abortion as a “political regression.” The article, obtained by TIME, criticizes hospitals for relinquishing abortion to stand-alone clinics that are easily targeted by abortion activists, and calls on the medical community to integrate the procedure into women’s-health services and medical training.

Read More at Time . By Grace Wyler.

Photo Credit: Mr. Ducke (Creative Commons)

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  1. Then they would be violating their Hippocratic oath. Or was "preserve and protect life" recently stripped from it?

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