This Doctor Ignored His Hospital’s “Gun Free Zone” And Stopped A Massacre Because Of It

Armed Doctor

A Pennsylvania doctor saved his own life, and possibly the lives of several others, on Thursday when he shot a gunman who was on a rampage in his hospital–Mercy Hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania.

Darby Hospital

Employees aren’t supposed to have firearms or other weapons at the hospital, according to a spokeswoman; but thankfully, this doctor didn’t care. The Daily Mail reports:

“Yeadon Police Chief Donald Molineux said that ‘without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives.’

‘When the caseworker was shot, (Silverman) crouched down behind the desk to avoid him being shot,’ Whelan said.

‘He was able to reach for his own weapon and realizing it was a life or death situation, was able to engage the defendant in the exchange of gunfire.’”

A male psychiatric patient with a criminal past, Richard Plotts, and his caseworker, Theresa Hunt, got into a heated argument; and he fatally opened fire on her, authorities say. That is when psychiatrist Dr. Lee Silverman reached for his gun and returned fire on Plotts.

Plotts was shot twice in the stomach and was in surgery late Thursday night. The doctor suffered a bullet grazing his head, was treated, and was released.

The lesson to be learned here? Good guys with guns will stop bad guys with guns. Gun-free areas are a prime target for those with evil intent.   

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  1. This doctor is a hero!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Thank God this doctor had his weapon.Working with wack jobs you should be able to carry.

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