Watch Harry Reid Call Bundy Ranch Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid is doing little to assuage the speculation that he has a financial interest in seeing federal agents force the Bundy family off of their Clark County ranch. Since initial reports surfaced speculatively linking the Senate majority leader to a lucrative Chinese-backed solar farm planned for the area, he has released multiple pointed messages seeking to demonize the ranching family and its supporters.

Initially, he concluded the standoff between federal Bureau of Land Management forces and the ranch is “not over.”

His son, Rory, who some contend was also involved in the land deal with China, followed suit this week by expressing his desire to see the Bundys prosecuted for refusing to pay grazing fees they believe are improper.

The reason millions of Americans are outraged over the action taken at the Bundy Ranch, however, has much less to do with those fees than the excessive force shown by federal agents who physically assaulted family members, systematically shot cows on the ranch, and threatened violence against peaceful protesters.

As Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman pointed out in a recent letter to Barack Obama, federal law prohibits the BLM from enforcing the law through force. Instead, the U.S. Code dictates local authorities take the lead in resolving such matter.

Nevertheless, the elder Reid is taking sides against not only the Bundy family but the many Americans who are trying to avoid another Branch Davidian Compound-style massacre by advocating for a peaceful resolution.

Of the men and women who stood up to armed BLM agents last week, he said they are “nothing more than domestic terrorists.”

Leaving no room for speculation, he reiterated that “what happened there was domestic terrorism.”

He alleged that “hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country” showed up in Clark County, ostensibly with the intent to wreak widespread violence. Conspicuously, however, no such outbreak occurred even with the assembly of countless armed citizens.

“They had sniper rifles in the freeway,” he complained. “They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up.”

Reid concluded that the protesters “wanted to make sure [kids] got hurt first,” which might make liberty-loving Americans wonder why anyone would get hurt at all for merely exercising their constitutional rights.

Appearing at an event in Las Vegas this week, he continued his rant against the family’s patriarch.

“Cliven Bundy does not recognize the United States,” Reid asserted, explaining he sees it as “a foreign government.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Senator Harry Reid

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Wiseoldlady says:

    No one cares about your juvenile name calling…especially when it is NOT fact. But if we DO STATE FACT….then you are a dishonest crook, a liar, a thief, slanderer, demented, ugly, evil, meniacal, progressive, liberal, pip squeak, callous, did I say ugly…mustn't forget ugly, treasonist, corrupt, a drip, ass kisser, UN-American, UN-patriotic, ugly…got to remember that, conniving, pompous, prick.



    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I wouldn't let that piece of shit anywhere near my body for fear of catching some horrible disease

  3. I totally stand with the Bundy's. This whole thing is was instigated by Harry Reid who should be thrown out of the senate. They wanted to intimidate the Bundy's so they would just get up and leave their land, livelihood, and heritage so the thieving bastard Reid could pull another deal for his green energy crap. He was filmed taking part in the ground breaking for a solar farm 35 miles from the Bundy ranch.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only domestic terrorist are Dingy,Rory and the Obumhole administration. As I heard someone say on face book Bundy should have said these were Mexican cows that snuck across the border and Dingy and the BLM wouldn't have tried to kill Bundy and the rest of Americans supporting Cliven.

  5. Cliven Bundy and most Americans don't recognize nor concede authority to the facists that have invaded our WH. To the slime who calls himself reid and his son, Americans are terrorists, we have declared war on the facist invaders.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Reid helped his son Rory's legal firm receive legal fees from a Chinese company ENN building a solar plant, the project produced legal work for Rory's firm, which donated $40,000 to Reid. This is the same land Bundy has been using since the 1870s. Rory, the former Clark County Commission chairman, persuaded the commission to sell 9,000 acres of county land to ENN below the appraised value. BLM is headed by former Reid senior policy adviser Neil Kornz. BLM documents indicate that the federal property for which Bundy claims grazing rights were under consideration by a solar energy company. Those documents have since been removed from BLM's website.
    Reid pressured the BLM to change the tortoise's protected zone to accommodate developer Harvey Whittemore, one of the Democrat's top donors. Whittemore was convicted in May 2013 of making illegal campaign contributions to Reid. BLM has proven that they do not have any concerns for the desert tortoise since they have no problem waiving rules concerning wind or solar power development, these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area. Reid is just an insane demented squirrel

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