Do Liberals Think Women Are Stupid?

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One way to excuse evil is to call it a right and condemn those who call it evil. Also, a way to condemn morality is to consider it too restrictive. One of the latest ad campaigns Obamacare has given birth to consists of ads against giving birth. You may have seen them. They show women getting excited about having sex with a hot guy or having fun while they have sex as long as they have birth control covered by Obamacare. The “got insurance” ads show the women as aggressive and often smarter than the men they want to “get it on” with. As long as Obamacare covers contraceptives, women can avoid pregnancy and act like dogs in heat without producing puppies.

I have been a born-again Christian for half a century. Having sex outside marriage is forbidden. Since I have never gone to bed with anyone, you could call me a virgin. Others think I am gay because I haven’t “gone all the way.” But I would not want to defile women by making them pregnant. It would be adultery, which is condemned by God. I am also a Republican, which to me seems to be more moral than the Democrat Party. You could call me judgmental if you want. It doesn’t matter to me. It is easier to maintain high moral standards than to lose them and try to regain them.

It seems like Liberals think women are stupid. They need to be protected from themselves because they are slaves to their sexual desires and won’t be able to prevent some sexual predator from getting them pregnant unless they have contraceptives. And if they can’t resist some man getting his way, abortion should be available (and those that oppose abortion are evil.) According to what I understand about God, He also opposes abortion (which would make Him evil to liberals.) That is insane. But then again, you don’t have to be insane to be a Liberal (but it helps.)

Liberals might call the Republican Party the “Party Pooper Party.” A century ago, Republicans were pushing for the prohibition of drinking, and the Volstead Act was passed (which made it illegal to sell or transport intoxicating beverages in America.) It wasn’t illegal to make alcoholic beverages or drink them, which allowed people to make booze for their own consumption. A way to get around the act would have been to symbolically give it away for free. Why that was never done is beyond me and would have made lawyers popular with saloon owners. Technically, a person could go to a bar, pay $5 for a glass of water, and receive a bottle of whisky for free. If the police had asked a bartender if he was selling liquor to customers, he would technically be correct in saying that he was only selling non-alcoholic beverages to customers and offering the hard stuff to them for free. This loophole in the law and the 18th Amendment, as far as I know, was never exploited. And if bars had become breweries, there would have been no transportation of booze. Maybe Liberals weren’t smart enough to exploit the weaknesses of the law 90 years ago.

Today, a group that decides elections are women. Democrats win often when women are on their side. I call abortion prenatal extermination, while Liberals call it choice. It sounds nicer. Yet if women didn’t choose to have sex, they wouldn’t get pregnant in the first place. And I won’t let men get off guiltless. If they didn’t consider sex an accomplishment and respected women more, the number of abortions performed in America would be greatly reduced. To say no and mean it is free. Each abortion committed is technically murder in the eyes of God. But Liberals are hoping that women consider it a choice, despite the fact that they made the choice to get pregnant in the first place.

Women have lost millions of jobs, are earning less then men in the Obama White House, and are worse off now than they were a decade ago while Bush was President. Many hated President Bush, even though he helped women (thanks to democracy in Iraq) become a part of the government for the first time (and education for girls and women increased.) If Obama gets his way, and we virtually abandon the Middle East to our enemies, the rights of females will be nearly destroyed. But Liberal women’s groups would consider our actions right, even though females would suffer.

As long as Liberals can count on women to back them, women become tools they use to get their way. Liberals fear Conservative women because they are often intelligent and moral. At least they save money by saying no to sex instead of paying to prevent pregnancy. Sounds smart to me.


Photo Credit: naralprochoiceamerica (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Yes liberals do think that women are stupid.They believe they have to tell women what to think and you see it in their commercials depicting that if the government didn't supply their condoms they wouldn't be smart enough to buy their own or make sure that the man has one since they're giving them a piece of ass.

  2. Liberals remind me of those who like to defend the use of the N word and parse words as to who can use it and who cannot. For the libs the use of Stupid is a real treasure, they call each other stupid and it's a like a family tradition not a insult, if you are not a lib and you intend to call them stupid well, them's fighting words regardless of how good the shoe fits them. You are to them excrement, a low life incapable of understanding the word stupid and therefore cannot apply it properly in a loving way…I kid you not.

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