Do Liberals Not Trust Our Soldiers?

The murders at Fort Hood have resulted in renewed calls to lift Bill Clinton’s ban on personally owned firearms on military bases. This latest attack was the third on a military installation in the past five years, so common sense (no, common DECENCY) dictates that a change in policy is necessary. Those who essentially hate the military and think the worst of its members have had their way long enough. Their “because we say so” policy has never made sense. It has to end because it’s killing people and destroying lives.

The arguments against allowing our military personnel the means to defend themselves and their families are at best pitiful and at worst infuriating.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno is more concerned with sucking up to the liberals who sign his paychecks than protecting the men and women who serve under him, so he refuses to consider changes in the regulation.  Odierno recently said “Although we carry arms quite regularly overseas when we we’re deployed on a regular basis, I believe back here in the United States, it’s more appropriate that we leave it to that.” In this case, “leaving it to that” means continuing to allow our soldiers and their families to be in danger because he said so.

Looking to change the subject from Obamacare, a Democrat Congressman, whose district includes Fort Drum New York, has decided to move his mouth without saying anything on the matter. He’ll “consider” supporting a change, but ONLY if the military recommends it – oh, what courage!

Not surprisingly two Texas Republicans, Rep. Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, and Rep. Steve Stockman, are backing the change.

What is not surprising is who opposes the change. The once conservative, now “whatever I need to say” New York Congressman Peter King manages to be both disgusting and infuriating in just a few words on the subject. King dismissed the idea, saying, “…you have a situation where in a barracks on Saturday night (read when soldiers are drunk or high on drugs), you may have arguments, fights… [and people will get shot].” In other words King is saying, “Those drunken lunatics will get in fights and kill each other.”

There is no large military presence in King’s district, but there are plenty of liberals who must love what he said.

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    I trust our soldiers more than liberals

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