Disturbing: Texas School Monitors Students’ Every Move

Texas Map 2 SC Disturbing: Texas School Monitors Students Every Move

In Texas, children attending school in the Northside Independent School District will be required to carry RFID chipped cards while on campus. The 6,000 student’s movements will be monitored by faculty, in a pilot program that hopes to expand to tracking all students in the 12 districts.

Principal Wendy Reyes of Jones Middle School, explains: “It’s going to give us the opportunity to track our students in the building. They may have been in the nurse’s office, or the counselor’s office, or vice principal’s office, but they were markedly absent from the classroom because they weren’t sitting in the class. It will help us have a more accurate account of our attendance.”

Schools being the intended beta-test ground for social conditioning, is using RFID chips to track students as cattle is monitored on a ranch; impeding on their privacy and dignity.

RFID technology is furthered by corporations like Proteus Biomedical that have developed the microchip that is activated by human stomach acids, embeds into the lining of the stomach and remotely sends information collected through sensors about the environment. These transmission can be syphoned to the internet, a doctor’s office via computer or any intercepting entity.

Called “smart pills”, the bio-tech corporations Novartis are creating microchipping that will assist in organ transplants and anti-rejection drugs as well as using human clinical trials to test safety measures. How will the pharmaceutical corporations explain away the fact that electronic capacitors are toxic to the human body and swallowing them on a regular basis will cause serious complications?

Read more at The Daily Sheeple. By Susanne Posel.

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  1. I would tell the school authorities to stick the RFID where the sun doesn't shine

  2. Blinddemocrat says:

    The president, senators and congressmen need to be the ones using this, don't forget they work for "WE THE PEOPLE" !!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Christ even the school system wants to get on the big brother is watching program.i thought Texas was about freedom,so Perry what happened to Texas education under your watch.

    • disgusted says:

      Ed, I think old Perry is on his last term as govener here…….he dun pissed off the people with his trying to force teenagers into being given that shot for cancer, whatever it was called, but that did not sit well with these Texans, and I don’t think this latest thing, this invasion into the childrens privacy is going to sit well with them either. I am glad my son has graduated already, because that just would not fly with neither him, nor myself, and there would be a fight to the finish if it were. No way anyone is sticking any micro anything in myself or my kid, not if I have any say about it, and beleive me, regarding my sons, I WOULD HAVE A SAY, A LOUD ONE! It would be heard from one end of Texas to the other. Oh, I’ll email you soon, by the way……….

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        I just hope you get another republican who will fight Obunghole instead of a democrat who will kiss his half black ass.Our school system in the whole country sucks.Here in SC the children are brain dead when it comes to American history and thats a shame,no wonder school age and college students think socialism is good.I'm sure SC isn't the only state where the children are as dumb as rocks on American history.I know if my children were in school I'd be looking through their books to see what was being taught.

  4. Seems "TEXAS" has been a test bed to see what government can "get away with" for years. Seems that Gov Rick will go along with ANYTHING and there is NO LIMIT to these people! They are DEPRAVED and they are all "part of the system" – so don't QUESTION AUTHORITY! NOV-6 is the day to turn it around. Remember this "STUFF" the next time someone says that "ALEX JONES" is radical – infowars dot com!

  5. NEWS FLASH! (write your reps and demand action!) WAKE-UP!


    (if the House and Senate are not ALL "hog-tied" under house arrest)

    Look this up on YouTube – paste x_1z3fIb0h4 into the Search!

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