Dissecting The Results Of The Super Tuesday Republican Primaries

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was looking for a clear knock out punch last evening; he failed to land it. It now appears the race is far from over. A total of 1,144 delegates are needed to claim victory.

Think of it as building, an eleven-story building. Mitt Romney reaching 415 is ahead and standing on the fourth-floor. With 176 pledged delegates, former senator Rick Santorum is nearing the second floor. Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich who did not do as well as he predicted has accumulated 105 delegates and trails the current front-runners with a firm footing on the first-floor. Congressman Ron Paul has yet to climb the stairs to the first floor.

 Dissecting the results of the Super Tuesday Republican Primaries

Photo: Courtesy of CBS

The media would have us believe the Republican primaries are a sprint with Romney the ultimate winner. They fail to understand with the three remaining viable candidates still in the hunt, the process remains a marathon and may not be decided until the California primary to be held on June 5th.

Looking at the numbers a different way, before yesterday’s results, Romney had 203 delegates, Santorum had 92 with Gingrich at 33, and Paul still remains winless at 47.

Now who made the real move in delegate count during “Super Tuesday?”  The candidates for the most part split the votes.  On the other hand with Newt’s clear victory in his home state GA he jumped from 33 to 92, Romney from 203 to 415 with Santorum’s 92-105 delegates an interesting observation can be made.

Former Speaker Gingrich had the best outing, nearly tripling his pledged delegates; Santorum gained virtually no ground while losing in Ohio by a razor-thin margin to Romney.

Both Romney and Gingrich have won their own states by large margins; now, it remains to be seen if Santorum can take his home state of Pennsylvania on April 24’th as well.  Currently, a major question is a buzz, “Can Romney win in the south?”

Sifting through the tea leaves at this moment in time, with the exception of Ron Paul’s candidacy seemingly being of little consequence, it would appear that the “mainstream” media will continue to back their darling Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum is a big favorite of the evangelical movement who may be not well received by the centrist voters in the remaining primaries, while Newt Gingrich appears to have the solid credentials, past experience, and the bold ideas for moving America forward and reversing its dramatic decline under the current administration.

Take home message: the race to the top and the eventual Republication Nomination is far from over.  Anything can happen; in fact, count on it. Never forget the classic photo of President Harry Truman holding a copy of the Chicago Sun Times proclaiming, “Dewey Defeats Truman.” Forget about the media and follow your heart and brain.

 Dissecting the results of the Super Tuesday Republican Primaries

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I’m J.C., and I approve this message.

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