Dismal SAT Scores An Indictment Of Public Education

troublewithschool 300x182 Dismal SAT scores an indictment of public education

For the fifth consecutive year, less than half of all high school students who took the SAT college aptitude test are deemed “college-ready.” With a possible score of 2400, the SAT Report on College and Career Readiness indicated that just 43 percent of 2013 test-takers achieved a score of at least 1550. That number is considered the threshold at which a student will likely attend and excel in higher education.

According to the report, the College Board considers these results “a call to action,” noting that persistently low scores “can and must change.”

As public schools continue to water down the basic core knowledge every student should learn in favor of promulgating a leftist agenda, it only makes sense that college aptitude tests would reflect that shift. In fact, the report showed that those who performed at or above the 1550 score level did so after taking the initiative to enroll in advanced placement courses.

While the availability of these elective classes is important, educators across curriculum lines should make it their mission to prepare students for the future. College is not for everyone, but a large percentage of the nearly 2 million students who took the SAT this year obviously had such aspirations.

Leftist politicians constantly call for more education spending, despite the fact results have plummeted in recent years while funding has remained comparatively high. Teachers — and the unions that represent them — demonstrate for more money and fewer hours, even as many refuse to perform the basic duties of the job.

There are and will continue to be stellar educators within the public school system whose mission it is to provide an environment conducive to learning. Unfortunately, these individuals are perpetually overshadowed by those with a secure job and no incentive to work harder.

There are many indicators of a flawed educational system; few, however, are as readily identifiable as the bleak SAT scores identified in this report.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is what you get with liberal government schools they indoctrinate not teach.

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