Disarming A “Radical” Nation By A Radical Goverment

Notice No Gun Sign K 1209 300x227 Disarming a Radical Nation by a Radical Goverment

On the heals of a recent gun-related tragedy, a liberal acquaintance proudly declared to me that she wasn’t against people owning guns, rather, she was against ‘crazy’ people owning guns.

There is a real practical, even dangerous, problem with this simple sentiment, however, and the problem lies directly with the radical ideology of our current administration. We know how this administration defines ‘crazy’ (just ask any of our proud veterans who may suffer from stress-related disorders and are being asked to give up their 2nd Amendment Rights). It’s the same way they define ‘terrorist’, and ‘citizen’, and ‘right to vote’, etc., etc.

Tragically, even the most justified acts of self-defense have come under scrutiny. We must see the underlying agenda and realize that if the act of self-defense is ‘vilified’ – that’s one more reason (albeit a highly flawed and downright sinister justification) for the government to take away our guns. We need to maintain our right to self-defense, especially in a world that rejects God!

What if the majority of ‘We the People’ are the only ones abiding by the established rule of law?

What if our government is proven guilty of a complete disregard for these same laws in an effort to radically transform our nation to a police state?

What if we have swiftly fallen under the control and authority of tyrannical totalitarian leadership?

The signs are everywhere.

They are taking the form of unwarranted privacy infringements, unauthorized military campaigns, religious liberty violations, and economic decline-inducing monetary policies. Our government has been spending most of their time engaging in abuses of power in lieu of their complete neglect (of their sworn core-responsibilities) to respect and uphold the rule of law for the good of the American People.

And don’t look to the news media for any confirmation of these realities because they remain mostly complicit on account of their blind allegiance (and/or they’ve been recipients of threats/intimidations greatly hindering their access/freedom to accurately report abuses).

Let’s wake up America and be cognizant of the dangerous trends that abound in our day!

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