Did This Senator Just Give Obama Permission To Break The Law?

Photo credit: Center for American Progress (Flickr)

I continue to be amazed at the brazen lawlessness of our adversaries on the left in this country.

Late last week, Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois said on camera that, “President Obama may have to borrow the power to solve the immigration process himself, and he should not be sued for doing so.”

In other words, President Obama is going to break the law and the separations of powers provided by the Constitution of the United States; but he does not want to be held accountable.  This is the Assistant Majority Leader in the United States Senate saying this stuff!  I still cannot believe that a U.S. Senator would say it’s ok with him if the president breaks the law as long as the ends justify the means in his view.

Since the Democrats and their supporters on the Left in this country now are obviously disregarding the foundations of American government in an open pursuit of power at any cost, legal or illegal, what are we Americans who still care about the rule of law going to do about it?  The immigration issue is obviously a way for them to cement the votes to remain in power in perpetuity. They realize they cannot win with their communist arguments, so corruption is the only way out for them.  This is the way the Bolsheviks took power in Russia a hundred years ago, by lies and more lies.  The media, a historical watchdog for this kind of thing, is of course silent as they are an accomplice in this tyrannical power grab.

As far as I know, this is not a dictatorship.  The only option remaining for freedom-loving Americans is to defeat these people in every way possible.  This include at the ballot box, the court of public opinion, the arena of ideas, in the media, and in every political process available to us. The election in November is going to be obviously critical. Impeachment proceedings should begin against Obama immediately.  If we can take back the Senate with a decent majority, we can have a shot at returning the separation of powers to our governmental process and can possibly use the impeachment trial to educate the low-information voter what it means to live in a democratic republic versus under an emperor.

This has all happened before, you know.

Once the Roman Emperor threw out the authority of the Roman Senate and the people, the empire slowly entered into decline. The emperor’s circle of friends became a smaller and smaller group as he doled out favors to his friends and persecuted his enemies.  The power and stature of the military was slowly reduced as funds were diverted to buying bread and circuses for the masses to keep them occupied and happy.  All the while, the barbarians approached from the north.  Does this sound familiar?  We all know how that one turned out.  The only difference is that our barbarians are in the Middle East.  The only way for the America as we know it to be saved is for these corrupt people and their ideas and agenda to be defeated.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Look who the senator is that wants to give Ocraphead the power to break the laws it is Turban Durbin who has called our American military more names then Obutthole.Dick Turban Durbin should have been arrested for what he said about our fighting forces tried and should be in jail.I would like to ask this asshole if he would have been sticking up for Bush if George pulled this shit.Durbin is unpatriotic.

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