Did This Grammy Winner Just Call For The Assassination Of A US Senator?

Though her name might not immediately ring any bells, Diane Warren is a widely recognized and award-winning songwriter. Most recently, though, she has been known more for the hate-filled rhetoric she writes on her Twitter page than the lyrics she provides to musical acts like Aerosmith and LeAnn Rimes.

A few months ago, she weighed in on the controversy surrounding ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson’s Bible-based comments regarding homosexuality.

“F—k U duck dynasy [sic] and A+E, sincerley [sic] all gays, minorities and especially ducks,” she tweeted last December.

Her most recent attack, however, is far more pointed as she publicly longed for Sen. Ted Cruz to be murdered. Earlier this month, Cruz posted a photo in which he and fellow senator Mike Lee posed in front of a tiger skin rug he ostensibly bought for his office.

A spokesperson for the Tea Party favorite has since revealed Cruz “was kidding, and had no intention of bringing the tiger pelt back to Washington.”

If it were up to Warren, such a post would nevertheless be punishable by death.

“F—k U Texas senator ted cruz U for smiling over that beautiful murdered animal,” she wrote, offering a conspicuously stale and incoherent greeting considering her profession as a writer. “I wish It could trade places w U and smile over ur body.”

Though she quickly deleted the outrageous post, Twitter aggregation site Twitchy.com offers screenshots of the tweet and some subsequent responses.

Twitter user Barbara Destefano seconded Warren’s post, concluding her call for murder was “well put” and suggesting “[k]arma has a way of handling these things.”

She wrote that those of a similar inclination can “only hope” for the outcome Warren envisioned.

Photo Credit: Facebook/The GRAMMYs

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  1. elmcqueeen3 says:

    This is not the first time someone has advocated the killing of political figures and or groups of people such as one Democratic Congressman who suggested to his constituents that they go out and shoot NRA members…Those Democrats are really mean and nasty people!

  2. AMERICAN says:

    Where is the FBI on this? why have they not knocked on her door yet?
    this is a blatant threat, inciting others to commit murder is AGAINST THE LAW.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I guess Eric Holder the whinny little baby is probably still licking his testicles so he won't go after a liberal wanting to kill some conservatives.

  4. Will McLeod says:

    I bet they are what you call PETA terrorists. The both of them need to be shipped to North Korea.

  5. WTH us wrong with this woman, to threaten the Senator who represents the American people & not his special interest group?

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