Did Terror-Promoting CAIR Shut Down Pro-Constitution Event?

constitution quill pen SC Did Terror Promoting CAIR Shut Down Pro Constitution Event?

A Michigan police department has made it clear that freedom of speech and the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble may only be enjoyed upon approval by the terror-promoting, Islamic group CAIR.

On January 26th, Michigan State Representative David Agema and others hosted an event entitled “Constituting Michigan—Founding Principles Act” in the Allegan High School auditorium. The purpose of the event was “…to inform the public about the importance of honoring the United States Constitution, to recognize the internal threat to America posed by radical Muslims and the dangers to our free society caused by the imposition of Sharia law.”

As the Michigan House sponsor of HB 4769, “The Restriction of Application of Foreign Laws Act,” it is Representative Agema’s goal to ban the use of foreign or Sharia law by Michigan courts “…when those laws conflict with fundamental rights protected by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Michigan.”

But Michigan executive director of the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) Dawud Walid strongly opposes Agema’s House bill and, upon being advised of the planned program at the high school, wrote a letter to school officials complaining about the event.

It is important to note that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, the largest terror-funding proceeding in US legal history. An organization with proven ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood that regularly uses its limitless financial resources to intimidate and silence critics with frivolous court actions, CAIR is managed nationally by radical Islamic convert Ibrahim Hooper.

It was under Hooper’s direction that CAIR co-sponsored a conference at Brooklyn College during which the crowd was led in a song with lyrics proclaiming “No to the Jews, Descendants of the Apes.” Clearly, CAIR is a first class organization.

Yet when school officials informed Allegan police that Michigan CAIR director Walid was upset, officers immediately descended on the high school to break up Representative Agema’s dangerous attempt to celebrate and support the nation’s founding document.

On April 30th the Thomas More Law Center filed suit on behalf of Agema and event co-sponsors. “This case seeks to protect and vindicate fundamental constitutional rights…under the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution…and Michigan law…” wrote the Law Center in the filing.

But even when a violation of Constitutional rights is as obvious as that perpetrated by Allegan police, the Thomas More Law Center might have its hands full. One year ago, the Department of Justice DECLINED to prosecute CAIR in the Holy Land Foundation case over cries of outrage from FBI and other DOJ employees who had worked on the indictment and in spite of ample evidence of the organization’s guilt. Apparently, protocols from the Imam of Pennsylvania Avenue strongly discourage any exercise that might place Muslim advocates of terrorism in a bad light.

It’s a disgrace that a radical, terror supporting Islamic organization should have the authority to order the actions of Michigan police against law-abiding American citizens. It will be imperative to follow the progress of this action through the federal court.

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  1. LOL YEP

  2. well done, stand up and be counted for YOU are absolutely correct.

  3. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    And people wonder why I despise those freaks, the mu SLIMES so! They bombed our Towers, murdered 3000 people! And now our elected officials mollycoddle them as if they have all the rights to be here and terrorize us. And the fact that this “cair” garbage is even listened to and allowed to flourish here is an insult to us all! The day will come when Americans, the NATIVE BORN, LEGAL American citizens will have had enough of this #(@& and rise up and do what has to be done in order that we can be what we are, FREE AMERICANS WITH RIGHTS! The biggest problem is the THING in office, for he is a double threat, he is black, ( half black) and mu SLIME in the bargin. So folks, we have a big problem! A huge one! And we have GOT TO GET THIS THING OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE, WHICHEVER WAY WE CAN! And get these FITHLY MU SLIMES OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! They are an INFECTION that is spreading too far in America, and they will kill us all if left to their evil devices!

  4. We had better stop this politically correct and go back to what is constitutionally correct. Foreign countries should have NO rights as to what goes on in the United States. It is unbelievable that so many people are still cheering when certain people speak. People who are turning this country into an islam country, slowly but surely. Does anyone believe we could go to a foreign country and demand they turn into a republic? Would another country tolerate this? Wake up people, God gave you a brain. Use it. If you come to our country, go by our constitution, our laws, and our language, or go back to your homeland.

  5. BASTARDS!! Ship em back to Saudia Arabia w/their other police friends who will NOT uphold and swear true allegiaienc to the constitution! I WILL NOT OBEY any form of or part of Sharia…NO I will NOT! IT IS against God and I am bound to disobey any or all or part thereof!! To hell w/Sharia!

  6. VOTE This man out NOTHING, This man is NOT legal in any sense! HE HAS TO BE DEMANDED to leave the W/H by hooh or crook, congress needs to do their job and get him out of the W/H and into the graybar hotel!! You vote a man out who is legal but NOT an Illegal! YOU kick him out!!!!

  7. Damned right ISLAM is NOT a peaceful religion, it is constraining and rotten to the core! I have been to several Mooselim dominated countries and you would not want to be a citizen of those countries! there are religious police and you are forced to conform! When you are tapped upon the shoulder, you conform or else!! You stop when the call to prayer is heard and you pray or else! There is NO freedom in Islam, ONLY the law, and punishment if you will not conform!!

  8. CIvil war has already started, and our federal government stands with sharia over the constitution. Alot more needs to be removed from government than Obama, as this article clearly proves

  9. cindereller2 says:

    Here it is:269-673-2115. Ready get set go! I just called and the dispatcher said that it is after hours and only emergency calls are taken. I said I would call back in the morning.

  10. David F. says:

    I <BLEEP>ing agree with you, 100 <BLEEP>ing percent!!!

  11. Janice says:

    So, what do you supose will take all across America if the Muslim in the White House and his flunkee, Holder, get another four years to spread their corruption?? Vote a straight Republican ticket across the board. Even with all Republicans, we will still have to fight every day for many years to come in order to repair the damage wrought on this nation by Obama and George Soros. But, at least we will have a chance.

  12. snig43 says:

    As a God fearing American Christian I dont hate anyone…..not saying I have to like them. I told my wife the day that couple strutted across the White House lawn, it broke my heart as this was the start of a domino effect in this country. Slowly working their corrupt agenda against everything we as Americans have worked so hard for is thrown back into our faces.I had submitted a comment before, this has me so pissed I could just spit. The average American attitude being well its not in my back yard I can not be concerned. Wake up buddy this is our back yard and this ol boy wont turn the other cheek this time. There has got to be a Christian alliance group in this country that we all can appeal too? If not lets start one. I refuse to be hog tied in my own country by a bunch of rag wearing camel riding unwelcomed threats to my homeland. Stand up and together and I gaurantee we will have these dogs running. God Bless you all and stick together.

  13. edward says:


    • No. 1 Patriot says:

      It might be important to note that the police in Michigan not operate under Federal law when Obama and cronies got the city to lay them off and they were rehired by the feds…this happened about 6 months ago or at least that's when I read about it on a website. I couldn't beleive my eyes just like I can't believe my eyes when I read what's happening to our precious country, it's freedoms, and constitution right now under this administration…Please pray, vote, write your representatives before Obama makes them completely obsolete with his executive orders…We were warned about this by Glenn Beck a year ago when Obama was racking up the under cover executive orders and Holder said he wouldn't do anything about the Black panther standing outside voting buildings in Penn. threatening voters who entered there when we had plenty of video evidence along with voter's indignation.

  14. Jan Dinkins says:

    It is ludicrously obvious that Barack Hussein Obama is a full-fledged Muslim who wants this country to live under Sharia law. Anyone who cannot or WILL not understand that has some serious deficiencies in cognative thinking skills.

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