Did Racism in the White House Increase Unemployment?

By William Tate, American Thinker

The Obama administration, already under fire for unprecedented allegations of racial bias, faces a new bias claim from a most unlikely source: one of the administration’s own inspectors general.

Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout — closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler — were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

[D]ealerships were retained because they were recently appointed, were key wholesale parts dealers, or were minority- or woman-owned dealerships. [Emphasis added.]

Thus, to meet numbers forced on them by the Obama administration, General Motors and Chrysler were forced to shutter other, potentially more viable, dealerships. The livelihood of potentially tens of thousands of families was thus eliminated simply because their dealerships were not minority- or woman-owned.

As has been widely reported, the Inspector General’s study skewered the Obama Gang for strong-arming the companies into closing 2,000 dealerships, costing an estimated 100,000 people their jobs during a recession.

But the news media has ignored key elements of Barofsky’s report — elements that are far more damaging, if possible, to Obama. As we reported earlier in the week, a top Obama official, manufacturing czar and "Auto Team" leader Ron Bloom admitted that the dealerships could have been kept open, saving those jobs, "but that doing so would have been inconsistent with the President’s mandate for ‘shared sacrifice.’"

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  1. How much of this "osama" crap are we going to take? Let's get his keester out of the White and send him back to Kenya which is apparently where his interests are. Geez, if a white President did this we'd be in a race war. Let's forget the poilitcal correctness crap that has been forced upon us and get back to calling things as they are, CROOKED RACIAL POLITICS. Oh and don't forget of get rid of pelosi and reid, they're almost as bad. KICK THEM ALL OUT OF D.C.

  2. John, I agree with you this Kenyan communist imposter does not want what is good for our nation. His agenda is to destroy this country and become its dictator. DG if we Americans do not clean house in DC this November we are doomed.All that is in dC is a bunch of worthless b-s-a-ds.

  3. Well what did you expect from, "ruffas the duffas.?"

  4. Q. How long does it take an Arab woman to take out the trash?
    A. Nine months.

  5. William L. Sasman says:

    This is very distrubing as it brings up race again. The present goverment is being very unfair to use a program as this. Color of skin can not be the judge if this nation is to go on.

  6. All one had to do was hear Jeremiah Wright's gross rantings.
    Such a fine man.
    Birds of a feather…

    So, what are we going to do?


  8. Leave Obama alone. My goodness. As soon as he was appointed MANY African Americans were fired from their jobs, so if anybody faced the highest unemployment it was us. As soon as he was elected, I was laid off, my husband was laid off, my sister in law, my brother in law..half the family serving different industries. We were in high positions like retail, the car dealership, accountants, librarians. You think this is just a coincidence? His birth place came into question, his family, his religion, is he born he, he's a terrorist, no he's the anti christ…COME ON???!!! You want to blame terrrorism blame the Canadian border and leave the mexicans alone. They are not immigrants and they are not illegals. They are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES who are facing the Mexican version of apartheid.

  9. ha… almost good

  10. hi my name is reginald harris if you want to talk about how much more racesisim since obama well i was fired a week before realections from bellvue ford after a year of making more money than the other white employees one day they pulled me in the office and fired me telling me a white employee said i told him i was going to break his legs i denied then my service manager said he didnt care he didnt have to give reason and that i was trouble no other reason i even went to human resources hey didnt do anything but step aside please do somthing about we dont have to have a reason to fire thats the race card their useing on african american

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