Did Mitt Romney Just Call Hillary “Clueless”? I Think He Just Did…

Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney talked with David Gregory on Meet The Press about Hillary Clinton’s failed foreign policy of the Obama administration.  Governor Romney said her achievements as Secretary of the State have been a “monumental bust.”  Romney went on to to say that Clinton’s latest comments about the possible threat to the U.S. from the 5 Taliban terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl were “clueless.”  Clinton said that these commandos did not represent a threat to the United States, but a threat to the security of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  “Are you kidding?” Romney said, “We’re in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’re in Pakistan, in part, to protect America’s security.”  He went on to say that whoever the Republican presidential candidate is will use her comments and record to take back the White House.

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