Did Judge Malihi Base Eligibility Decision On Sharia Law?

“This is an outrage, an absolute outrage,” Attorney Orly Taitz told a radio audience in Western New  York.  She believes Judge Michael Malihi, a Clinton era appointee, is from Iran which could have a bearing if he is steeped in Sharia Law.  When he brought down a favorable decision for Obama’s appearing on state ballots, Taitz sent by overnight courier a 23 page appeal  to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp pleading with him to ignore the judge’s advisory decision –  to no avail.

judgemalihi Did Judge Malihi Base Eligibility Decision On Sharia Law?

Kemp rubber stamped the Malihi decision, and now the appeal process begins in earnest.  Plaintiff attorney J. Mark Hatfield will escalate this case to the appellate level immediately.  With emergency appeals well in place before Georgia’s March 6 Super Tuesday, Hatfield told World Net Daily:  ”I will be filing that on behalf of Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell just as soon as I can get it drafted!”

Taitz told her listeners: “It was abundantly clear…that Judge Malihi was under an outside pressure to rush the case.”  Her appeal contains three key procedural points. First, Malihi refused to allow her to properly present her opening statement. Secondy, he rushed plaintiff witnesses. Finally,  throughout the case he would allow only the Natural Born Citizen argument.    But what Malihi did was unprecedented because he based his decision on the Arkeny [sic] v. Daniels case out of Indiana which was never cited by the defense! “A presiding judge cannot suddenly pull out of a hat some case,” Taitz fumed.

Trying to follow up on the Malihi Iranian angle proved very frustrating.  Another blogger trying to trace Judge Michael Malihi’s background found virtually NO information on him, although other judicial search subjects presented much biographical data.  She was able to find names of Malihi’s relatives, namely Mehdi Malihi, Masoud M. Malihi, Malie S. Malihi, Mahzad Malihi, and Lia E. Malihi.     The street address given for his Westport, CT estate appears to list a house number higher than official records enumerate, so this is just another facet of the Georgia mystery judge.

The Taitz presentation revealed that our current president’s name on his mother’s passport was SOEBARKAH, yet in his Indonesian school records his last name is Soetoro!  She said on appeal: “Obama never presented admissible competent evidence showing Obama to be born in this country, yet the judge considered Obama to be born here.”

She also appealed for consideration the fact that there is “no valid Social Security number, and that the E verify test failed” for the number commonly given.  But in spite of his verdict, the judge for the first time allowed evidence pertaining to the challenge of Barack Obama’s eligibility to run for U.S. President to be admitted into open court, thus paving the way for the appeals process.  Obama’s Malihi victory may be a Pyrrhic one indeed!

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is announcing the findings of his cold case posse research on March 1; he told reporter Jerome Corsi in an exclusive story that some will find the results “Shocking!”

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

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  1. If this Judge is really from Iran, my question is, "how did he get in this position other than being appointed by Clinton"?

    • Highlander25 says:

      You would be surprised at what went on in the clinton whitehouse and I am not talking about his problem with women! clinton helped set up what we are experiencing today with the help of soros! soros had a LOT of influence in the clinton whitehouse!

  2. Of course he was under pressure. He lives and works in the black capital of the U.S. There was never a chance that Obama would not be on the ballot. He does not recognize any authority to tell him what to do, how to do it, or where to do it. He is a dictator. He ignores our courts, our laws, the Congress, and the Constitution.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    that is one of obummers buddies muslim to muslim.

  4. Well let's just jump right off the deep end! People already think we "birthers and Obama eligible questioners" are morons; let's say something like we think the Judge used Sharia Law and take away all doubt. Sorry, but this ole dog just ain't gonna hunt. He was probably "coerced" into making a really stupid decision, but this is taking it a step too far.

    • brad wargin says:

      A judge is to HEAR evidence NOT make a PLEA or ruling for someone that presented NO EVIDENCE. The JERK-OFF USURPER in chief ODUMBA/SOETORO was in DEFAULT when HE REFUSED to show up or make OTHER arrangements! THIS JERK-OFF SUCK ASS SO CALLED JUDGE can only rule on what is in front of him, not his own OPINION. This so called judge made an egregious ERROR with HIS ruling, and should win appeal, unless ODUMBA/SOETORO runs ALL the so called courts in every state. BUT remember, we birthers should not have even been in this position, the JERK-OFF governor of Arizona had this ASS HOLE ODUMBA/SOETORO in HER and OUR hip pocket when BOTH Arizona houses PASSED a bill REQUIRING any to be on the ballot to PROVER their eligibility, but SHE VETOED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

  5. As it according to the state law can required removed this Judge from beach because he fail to do his duty of The Law of State of Georgia Law.

  6. evermyrtle says:

    I think Mahili made his decision because of fear, because he was paid off, or because he believed that way. Whatever the reason, it was not an American or a Christian decision. He is a traitor!! He has let all of America down not just Georgia. I hope that the Georgia citizens will run him out of George, Maybe tht is a rash wish because I am next door to GA. and do nto want him here.

  7. brad wargin says:

    I am so glad Dr. Taitz has so much energy with this SHAM! Unfortunately I believe the FIX has been and still is IN FOR THIS JERK-OFF USURPER in chief! As FDR once said, "Nothing in politics ever happens by CHANCE," AND "Presidents are NOT ELECTED, but SELECTED!" SAD but TRUE. There is a HIDDEN power as President Wilson once said that RUNS EVERYTHING in America.In my humble opinioin, THIS JERK-OFF ODUMBA/SOETORO will be re-elected or should I say SELECTED to continue the job the power brokers behind the scenes want done, the complete destruction of our constitution and especially our BILL OF RIGHTS that the great patriot Patrick Henry got done, and the lowering of the once great America into a third world group of MUDD people! There is only TWO ways to fight this, either with the cartridge box, a bloody revolution, or enough like mi9nded people to withdraw from these power brokers games, like burn your voter registration card first off! Withdraw as much Federal Reserve notes into to gold and silver coins as you can. Buy guns and ammo, stock up on food and water, DON'T buy NEW cars or used cars from DEALERS, go to garage sales and flea markets, and STOP going to ANY professional or college sporting event, or any MOVIE theater! STOP feeding these bastards your hard earned money, and if enough like minded people would sacrifice and do these things we just might be able to stop the bloody revolution which these power brokers want.

  8. george soros and obama again paid off a judge……Both should be deported, soros' naturalization should be revoked and he should be sent to prison for interfering with government, in other words, buying off judges, senators, congressional reps, the doj, etc. He is a true azzhole foreigner.

  9. acrickenberger says:

    The first thing that came into my mind was that the judge had been threaten, pressured or intimidated by Obama's friends to change the decision. Obama and his lawyer was in contempt of court and should have had a warrant issued. If this man is a Muslim judge he should not be sitting on the bench. I hope the people of Georgia have him removed!

  10. I think the Georgia Commission on Judicial Conduct should look into this case. The judge's decision was not based on anything that should have been considered by the judge. Perhaps the Georgia State Bar Committee on Ethics should look into it, also.

  11. There was no rule of law used in this clear, cut and dry case. obama didn't show up! where is the bench warrant for his arrest for failure to appear! LAWLESS AMERICA! this is an outrage! The USA is up against 100% fraud upon the courts. This decision is null & void. Arrest the usurper and bring on the thick stack of charges. FBI, CONGRESS, and other usless agencies, time to step up to the plate and uphold the Constitution, and quite covering up this bastards crimes!!

  12. You mean this "judge", most likely a muslim, has no history? Was he not vetted by the Georgia Bar ? Simply shocking but not surprising given the fact we have a marxist, communist, muslim in OUR house……..Since this moron took office the floodgates have been open for muslims.

  13. If he did, he's an idiot that needs to be fired ASAP!

  14. Mil62Patriot says:

    What did you expect from an illegal immigrant, Muslim usurper, Obama? Thirty years ago this man was groomed with all the tracks greased from the very beginning. To hell with Sharia Law, get it out of our country. It does not belong here, it usurpes our Constitution and Federal laws. It will destroy our country from within. Thie judge needs to go to prison. No wonder he found in Obama's favor. Send him packing to Iran, he is in direct violation of the Constitution and he took an oath to upon it? Muslins in this country don't care about our laws. They hate our Christian laws. Wake up America. Throw this bum of a judge out. Send him back to Iran, with all his rotten family members,NOW. From the very beginning, this Judge was playing a game. Giving us false hope he would do the right thing.

    • evermyrtle says:

      I believe they have both violated America's rights, they have both let America down. They should have to pay the penalty due them, for the wrong they have done as people directly responsible for this country's good, and according to the power with which, they have abused. If it had been an ordinary citizen who had betrayed the country we would be under lock and key already,

  15. Mil62Patriot says:

    I am so angry, I could just spit all over every Muslim pig in this country.

  16. evermyrtle says:

    The more I read the spookier it gets, looks more and more like a "done deal" long in the plans for betrayal of the USA.

  17. I have marked two posts as thumbs down, and they posted as thumbs up. I will not mark any post again, as to mark it wrong, gives the one who posts the idea that I agree with them. It was not on this subject, however.

  18. boy that explanes a lot with this judge being an iraning. oh and than haveing his mother's passport with baroke's sig. how convenunt.

  19. Donnamohler says:

    George Soros became a naturalized citizen in 1961,obama was born in 1961,soros bankrolled o's 2008 sElection-coincedence? I don't think so. I watched interviews that Ann Dunham done in 1959-1960,from the "little red school house" to the day she left the USA to "go over the water to marry her black prince,her baby's daddy". obamas presidency started in 1961,the day he was born,"so the birth announcement said". He was Groomed for this since then, -the question is WHO WAS THE PRINCE????.The Communists have had 50+ years to put this plan in action-Bill Clinton signed Nafta into law,designed to sell our jobs out, How many other trade deals did the Demoncrats sign that put our country on the wellfare rolls? Obama is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!! its a shame the Republicans hasn't done something to stop this war on OUR CONSTITUTION!!! I will VOTE FOR ABO!!!!

  20. Edwardkoziol says:

    This was a setup from the beginning they knew this raghead would vote in Obumas favor.All muslims stick together and being appointed by Slick Willy was another sign that no good was going to come of this.The people should run this camel jockey back to the rock he came from under.

  21. Celticwaryor says:

    Florida, California, and Pennsylvania have cases going to court on this very issue. Follow this link to know more: http://obamaballotchallenge.com/the-obama-defense
    I'm on a limited income, but I donated because of the importance of the issue at hand. I urge everybody send this link to all your contacts…I DID!

  22. They (congress) see it all and do nothing. This isn't a surprise. We (the right) people know and can see. They (the left) people can't see but say they do. The right walk in light, the left walk in darkness. The right will stand and fight for what's right (thankyou Orly Taitz), the left cower into their sold souls. JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING! And this judge is a just judge! Where do you stand?

  23. ARMAND PROULX says:


  24. All I have to say to Sheriff Arpaio is "Watch your back 'cause da boys from Chicago are gunnin' for ya!"

  25. id love to see the boys from chicago go against joe arpaio.I know the cadillac ranch is in teas but burying the chicago boys that way would make a real nice tourist stop in arizona.

    • dealscenario says:

      As much as my heart wants to believe that Ole' Joe is on our side… my mind tells me to be objective. I fear that his shocking news will turn out to be shocking because he has nothing that will change the game.

  26. hE SOLD OUT FOR 2 NUCLEAR PLANTS IN gEORGIA! hE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED AND TRIED AND SENT TO JAIL FOR taking bribes! What a disgrace. We cannot look to the courts for any justice at all. They have all been bought and paid for by the liberal loons!


    • dealscenario says:


      With the assistance of other people in power. There is a reason Obama has not been impeached for any one of his numerous impeachable offenses… Washington is corrupt. Anyone strong enough to take Obama on fears their own fraudulent activities will be brought to light.

  28. TucsonHeat says:

    Did Judge Malihi Base Eligibility Decision On Sharia Law?

    Short answer: No. Read the opinion…

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