Did Hillary Clinton Undermine Obama’s Re-election Bid?

Hillary Clinton Jabba SC Did Hillary Clinton Undermine Obamas Re election Bid?

The State Department released a statement telling the world that there was no link between the Benghazi attack in Libya and an anti-Islamic video none of us have ever seen. While the rest of the world has acknowledged this fact, including the new Libyan leader Mohammed Magarief, the Obama administration has repeatedly touted the link between the two. Given the current political climate, President Obama has revealed himself as a dishonest, misleading individual who will stop at nothing in his bid to be re-elected.

The truly interesting news is not the separation of “facts” as reported between the White House and the State Department, but the separation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from President Barack Obama. Clinton’s political ambitions are at the forefront of this resounding slam to Obama and his Chicago political machine.  Lest anyone forget the nastiness of the primary race between Clinton and Obama in 2008, it should be understood that then-Senator Clinton’s disdain for Obama and his election tactics would not be forgotten or forgiven.

The timing of the State Department’s statement is rather bizarre, but the perceived acrimony still felt by Clinton toward Obama may be the catalyst for the report as well as the timing of the release.  Perhaps watching Obama’s re-election bid ignite in certain flames, while the President continues to beat the “bin Laden is dead” drum, has fueled the State Department’s remarks.

It has been rumored that Secretary Clinton will resign her post after the election should Obama win.  The need for her to remove herself from four years (and possibly eight) of failed domestic and foreign policies would almost certainly doom any attempt to become America’s first female president. Should President Obama fail in his re-election bid, however, and should the American economy struggle under a President Romney, presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton would be in a perfect position to seize control of the White House.

And the devious allure of political power beckons its victims much like a fish is lured by a tasty morsel dangled on a sharpened hook.

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

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  1. Clinton,show a backbone, stand up to this black Muslim in the white house and call him what he really is, a traitor to both you and America!

  2. The rats leaving the sinking ship?? Everyman (or woman ) for himself. Clinton has been thrown under the bus and got caught in the consequences…oh well. better late than never.

  3. disgusted says:

    Ya, well Clinton, Cankles herself is a traitor, so who is she to judge her boss, and claim that she is not responsible in the least, for what happened in Egypt, Benghazi? She knew that they needed more protection, and did nothing to help anyone. And now she wants everyone to beleive that she isn’t what she is, a traitor to this country and it’s people. The fact is, this hag wants our guns taken away from us, and is in bed with the “united nations”. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could pick her ugly ass up and throw it! She gets no sympathy, nor kudos from this woman! Bitch that she is!

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