Did Bergdahl Talk To The Enemy?

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews Even Buetow, Bowe Bergdahl’s former team leader, about whether Bergdahl gave up any info to the Taliban

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I myself think he did give them info on how our troops operate.It was after he deserted our good soldiers were getting hit where the enemy never hit them before.

  2. gunner221 says:

    Let's look at the facts as we have them. One. Bergdahl left his post leaving all of his equipment behind. Now there may be several reasons for this. Supposed the unit was low on toilet paper. Bergdahl would not want to be weighed down by anything extra in the event he was successful in securing TP from the Talaban. Two. Of course he would need someone who could say toilet paper in Arabic. Three. Upon finding out the talaban did not have the proper brand name he would want to escape to secure the right paper.

    Then it was discovered that theTalaban did have the right paper, interestingly, it was made of exactly the same material as Obama's Birth Certificate.

    Having found the right supplies it was time to make an exchange. Obama was delighted that the unit used the same paper his birth certificate was printed on. After all, they had the same value.

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