DiBlasio Bans Carriages; Horses Face Slaughter

Photo Credit: Powerhouse Museum (Creative Commons)

Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leaving his successor a long history of outrageous bureaucratic proclamations. Although many of his ridiculous proposals were almost immediately shot down, he was able to enact several pieces of legislation that resulted in his popular nickname “Nanny Bloomberg.”

In fact, his last act before leaving office was signing a bill outlawing electronic cigarette use anywhere traditional cigarettes are banned – which is virtually everywhere in New York. Despite the fact such devices release only water vapor and pose no known public risks, Bloomberg apparently cannot resist the urge to prohibit things.

Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio, however, will not be outdone. A man with documented ties to communism, De Blasio has declared the city’s horse-drawn carriage services “over,” promising to ban the rides popular among tourists in the Central Park area.

While he and some radical activist groups believe horses are mistreated in the industry, drivers insist the animals are in good hands and receive the care they deserve.

Still, De Blasio is determined to put those employed in the industry out of work, likely guaranteeing the slaughter of at least some of the approximately 200 horses currently pulling carriages.

As the New York Post reported, horse upkeep is expensive. Without the revenue from carriage rides, owners might be forced to put the majestic animals down.

Of course, leftist policies often cause larger problems than they ostensibly solve. Nevertheless, committed ideologues like De Blasio demand their subjects abide by whatever fleeting notion passes through their mind.

Horse-drawn carriages have been a key feature of New York City for many years. It represents just one more aspect of the Big Apple being destroyed by rampant leftism. Combined with one of the nation’s highest tax rates and an exorbitant cost of living, perhaps it is no wonder the metropolitan hub is losing residents at an alarming rate.

Following the effects of the Bloomberg and De Blasio administrations, the nation’s most populous city will likely be little more than the husk of its former greatness.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Powerhouse Museum (Creative Commons)

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  1. Stand-UP4YourRIGHTS says:

    WELL?!?!?! What do you expect?
    oBLAHma gets away with lying, so will all the other politicians.
    Then maybe I'll get what I richly deserve…. a job.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    New Yorkers got just what they deserve a commie mayor with his chocolate wife.The faster people leave NYC the better.Let the liberals and immigrant muslim stay.As far as broadway and the financial districts go there are some nice cities down south to relocate.

  3. and you…New Yorkers, don't dare to complain. Ever. You will get what you deserved.

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