Devout Christian, Popular Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies In California

Thomas Kinkade work SC Devout Christian, Popular Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies In California

Artist Thomas Kinkade once said that he had something in common with Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell: He wanted to make people happy.

And he won success with brushwork paintings that focused on idyllic landscapes, cottages and churches — highly popular works that became big sellers for dealers across the United States.

The self-described “Painter of Light,” who died Friday at age 54, produced sentimental scenes of country gardens and pastoral landscapes in dewy morning light that were beloved by many but criticized by the art establishment.

Kinkade died at his home in Los Gatos in the San Francisco Bay Area of what appeared to be natural causes, said family spokesman David Satterfield.

Read more at Official Wire. By John S. Marshall, AP.

Photo credit: aresauburn (Creative Commons)

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  1. ANTICRIME says:

    IF ANYONE has come close to Norman Rockwell in reaching the heart & soul of people…it is Thomas Kinkade! ~ We have lost a precious jewel within the art world, sadly much too soon! ~ We can only wonder at how many more masterpieces he would have painted had he lived to 90!
    Rest In Peace, Tom, you will be sorely missed, my friend!

  2. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Thomas KInkade, a devout Christian………..I’d say he is one of the lucky ones. To be gone from this world of less than idyllic proportions, is a blessing for him, and a loss for the rest of us. I always loved his paintings more than most, except for Monet, when one could look at them and feel a sense of peace instead of a shot through the brain, a rather painful one at that. They took me back to my childhood, of fields of diasies, and irises where I grew up, and the old churches that I once attended. (although inside some of those same churches, the belief systems were rather radical) But those paintings are now all that is left of the man who once gave us peaceful sights and a joy to look at. God Bless those paintings.

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