Dems Advertising In Several GOP Senate Primaries

Donkey 2 SC Dems advertising in several GOP Senate primaries

Democrats are advertising in Senate primaries this summer in Missouri and Wisconsin in an possible effort to help advance the candidates they think most beatable in the November elections.

The idea isn’t quite as far-fetched as it might sound.

Two years ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s allies invested heavily in an effort to help Sharron Angle win a contested GOP primary in Nevada after deciding she would be the easiest Republican to defeat in the fall. She won the nomination but ultimately lost to Reid.

Now Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri is running a series of television advertisements that strategists in both parties say indicates a preference for Rep. Todd Akin over primary rivals John Brunner and Sarah Steelman.

At the same time, Majority PAC, a group with ties to Reid, has run television commercials selectively attacking Republican contenders in Missouri and Wisconsin, where primaries are set for next month.

Read More at Fox News. Associated Press.

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  1. The democrats are wasting their money. GREAT!!!!!

  2. Demacraps save your money because we dont want you here in are state of Missouri you have to go

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