Democrats Trash Republican Candidate For Praying

E.W. Jackson SC Democrats trash Republican candidate for praying

E.W. Jackson, a Virginia pastor and current candidate for lieutenant governor, has long been a lightning rod for personal attacks. His principled views on a number of issues quickly provokes leftists to wrath.

Given his calling as a minister, however, it seems the least controversial action he could take is a call for prayer. Unfortunately, that is exactly what earned him the vitriolic scorn of his state’s Democrat party officials.

After invoking God’s wisdom in resolving the current congressional stalemate and federal government shutdown Thursday, high-ranking Democrats rushed to drag his name through the mud.

“It could not get any worse,” he explained to a crowd gathered at Patrick Henry College, “and we need some sort of divine intervention to bring folks together.”

Ashley Bauman, a spokesperson for the Virginia Democrat Party, issued an email alert to the press to inform them of the ostensibly controversial remarks.

According to another party source, the “issue” Democrats have with Jackson is his “suggestion that ending this shutdown requires anything but John Boehner, Ted Cruz and the Republicans putting the country ahead of their extreme agenda.”

Yet another party official dutifully linked to an associated article, adding a snide comment for good measure.

With polling that shows eight in 10 Virginians pray each day, the policy of attacking a man for doing so could very easily backfire. Despite that risk, though, it seems that radical leftists have little control over the ingrained compulsion to relentlessly pillory both Christians and their God.

–Western Journalism staff writer

Photo credit: markn3tel (Creative Commons)

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