Democrats: Romper Room Radicals

The once-great Democratic Party of John F.  Kennedy and Daniel Patrick Moynihan has become a romper room for radicals, spoiled brats, and psychos.

We have a president who refuses to debate the merits of the issues. Instead, he chooses to demonize the opposition. Any half-wit toddler can do as much. Recently, a proposal to raise the minimum wage failed in the Senate. Leading to the failure, and in its aftermath, he attacked.

“They (Republicans) prevented a raise for 28 million hard-working Americans. They said no to helping millions work their way out of poverty.”

Never mind the fact that raising the minimum wage will do nothing to address poverty.  Never mind that there are legitimate reasons for opposing the raise (read here.) Raising the minimum wage actually makes unemployment worse. But you’d never know that listening to Democrats. Never mind that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.566 million hourly workers last year earned the federal minimum, not 28 million workers. Obama not only demonizes; he regularly lies in order to exaggerate and make the demonization more poisonous.

In an election year when Democrats are desperate to change the subject from the economy, employment, jobs, ObamaCare, and government spending, facts fall victim to rhetoric. And notice the pattern: any time anyone disagrees with Barack Obama, they are automatically deemed a ‘bad person.’ Talk about bigoted.

Do you really believe Republicans oppose the minimum wage because they want to see people remain in poverty?  Do you really believe the minimum wage has anything to do with poverty?  Isn’t it rather true the minimum wage is one of the straws Democrats are grasping in their desperate attempts to avoid disaster in November?

Instead of enacting proven methods for growing the economy and creating jobs—-real solutions to poverty— these half-wit toddlers demonize conservatives and insist on the installation of old, discredited collectivist economic measures.  Despite hard evidence, they insist on repeating the failures of the past, grasping straws all along the way, posting the ludicrous claim that ObamaCare is promoting economic development.  Of course, anyone opposed to ObamaCare wants poor people to die and get out of the way.  Thank you, chief psycho Alan Grayson–one of many ventriloquist dummies sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s lap.

Immigration is another straw.

If you support the idea that immigration laws should be enforced, that the border should be secured, and that amnesty works against those good goals under the rule of law, according to many in the romper room, you are a heartless racist. Rather than run for office by making their case in reasoned debates, they routinely resort to school-yard name calling, then push amnesty to recruit voters, all the while calling voter ID another racist plot.  Citizen attempts to prevent voter fraut result in multiple visits from the feds, threats, and investigations; but Obama insists there’s not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS.  Remember how he originally promised to fully investigate the IRS; and, like the promise to find the killers in Benghazi, all is eventually ignored, denied, and covered up.

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