Democrats Organize Walmart Strikers

Wal-Mart SC

As Black Friday shoppers crowded stores across the nation, America’s largest retailer was forced to deal with another type of rowdy mob, as well. Walmart employees – and, in an outrageously high percentage of cases, political operatives – staged numerous strikes throughout the U.S. Friday.

The retailer, which offers a paycheck and advancement opportunities for a huge number of Americans who might otherwise be unable to find gainful employment, is once again being lambasted for daring to pay unskilled workers less than $10 an hour.

Protesters predicted a total of 1,500 rallies would be held throughout the day, creating even more pandemonium to an already chaotic shopping environment.

These protesters rely on the misleading argument that a Walmart employee’s starting wage will never increase. In reality, the men and women working for the retail giant can and do receive promotions based on hard work and dedication. It is an intellectually dishonest position, however, to suggest an unskilled employee deserves an exorbitant wage merely for showing up.

Even more upsetting than the fact that more and more activists are buying into this argument is the support among Democrat legislators for these protests. At least seven prominent Democrats are on board with the protesters, having issued a statement of support for the misguided initiative.

According to the letter, these legislators “stand with the courageous Walmart workers who are demanding better wages and an end to illegal retaliation.”

Consisting of both congressmen and senators, but no Republicans, the group went on to proclaim Walmart “refuses to pay workers a living wage,” though the retailer overwhelmingly pays its employees rates higher than the legal minimum.

The bottom line is Walmart, like any other retailer, is in the business of making money. Forcing a corporation to cut into its profitability by paying employees more than they are worth will profoundly backfire when that company is forced to close its doors.

Despite Barack Obama’s best efforts, America remains a nation of opportunity. Far too often, though, and with the support of elected leftists like the gang of seven who signed this letter, Americans now believe they deserve that which they did not earn.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. And, those strikers were paid by the union to be there and strike


  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Walmart doesn't need this bullshit just close down the store and then watch the people bitch.Make sure you do it before Christmas.When these people took the job they knew what they were getting into.All the unions want is more union dues from the workers.

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