Democrats On Track To Lose Senate Because Of Obama

Harry Reid 4 SC Democrats On Track To Lose Senate Because Of Obama

He’s short on popular support, ideas, and money and now Democrats across America are stuck with him at the top of their ticket. Everywhere we hear people, especially Democrats, sheepishly admit they made a mistake when they voted for Barack Obama. Yet we never seem to hear anyone say, “I voted Republican last time but if I had to do it again I’d vote for Obama.”

To produce a survey showing Obama at even a 50% approval rating, liberal pollsters have had to resort to double counting Democrats.

Nevertheless there is still more bad news for Barack Obama, which has so far been largely ignored: Because of him his Party is on track to lose control of the Senate.

Only very popular Presidents like Ronald Reagan could survive the kind of thrashing Senate Democrats are on their way to getting, and Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

By his latest surveys Rasmussen has Republicans headed toward taking current Democrat Senate seats in Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. With those victories, they will have 54 Senate seats, but the victories might not stop there. The races in Virginia New Mexico and Michigan could easily go GOP when the Democrat blood stops flowing on Election Night.

While the Democrats have a chance of taking the retiring Olympia Snowe’s seat in Maine, with Scott Brown’s current lead in Massachusetts, Maine might be the Democrats only Senate upset victory this cycle.

The Republican presidential primary surveys and liberal push polls are dominating the news so it is easier for the media to keep up their “whistling past the graveyard” management of the news. They can avoid talking about the Senate races, but that won’t change the truth.

In the absence of a sudden turn around it’s very possible that given the big leads Republicans have in Florida, Missouri and Wisconsin GOP efforts can be redirected to strengthen and produce leads in other states as well.

When the hopes of neither victory at the Presidential level nor Senate level fade, already low Democrat rank and file enthusiasm to actually go out and vote is likely to fade. This will endanger down ballot Democrats chances of victory in a trickle down of failure. Clearly it’s – so far so good.

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  1. I hope the Democraps go out all of them they are scum we need to have a investagation on everyone of them and put them all away where they belong ovmit with them and the lying Rinos that have turned there backs on us after we put them back in officein 2010 thay havent done nothing they said they would do all they are doing is letting ovmit have his way I will vote them out right along with the Demacraps they are all lying worthless crooks and they need to pay

  2. I would agree that the ripple effects of the most inept president in our nations history will spill over into the House and Senate. His venom for America is on parade for all to see. But one can not discount their own irresponsiblity having an impact also.

  3. kenneth wilkerson says:

    I was talking with 4 black men this morning and every one of them said Odummer has to go.

    • I'm hispanic. And hispanics and blacks i've talked to don't want him re-elected. So who is the 47%??

      • Lorene B says:

        Blacks and Hispanics are human beings, and no decent, informed, freedom-loving human being could possibly bring himself to vote for O. It is simply that.

  4. Tatersalad says:

    The New Black Panther Party needs to be indicted under the R.I.C.O. statute immediately. The federal government had NO problem to indict the Hutaree Militia in Michigan [… ] for making statements "similar" in nature ………..but to themselves and they are all "white". The NBBP is making intimidating and threatening statements to the media and Zimmerman, a Hispanic. Where is Eric Holder and the Department of Justice? Is Eric Holder a racist? All signals are now pointing to ………Yes!

  5. madhatter15 says:

    I have been saying for the past 5 or 6 years, vote everyone out, if they are in there now vote them out, do not vote for anyone who has a seat, vote them out, its the only way we can get a clean bunch of people, if you find they are not, vote them out next time. just don't let them sit around working against us again. George Soros needs ot be arrested for illegal interference with the votin gbooths, he bought them 4 years ago for Obama and I guess they wroked, he won, he has bought them again from what I have read, so we will see. He is an enemy of this country and otehr countries as well, Russia has a warrant out for his arrest, one can only hope. People have to start reading up on ther candidates, I mean really readin gup, Mitt Romney would never get my vote, notr Santorum and Newt is a CFR ,member, OK, I was votin gfor Ron Paul anyway and he is doing fabulous everwhere he goes, do not let the media and newspapers tell you different, they are fibbing.

  6. NO not just because of Obama, because of ALL OF THEM. They are a bunch of good for nothing, self serving, nazi garbage. Starting with Obama.

  7. Tatersalad says:

    The left wing media needs to stay out of this mess. this guy Zimmerman needs to given every opportunity to defend himself and with that said, these black hate preachers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton seem to have forgot what Martin Luther King fought for years ago. Zimmerman is an American first and he deserves every legal council that even Eric Holder gives a terrorist. Yet, the black community wnats him in jail without a warrant. Pathetic!

  8. michael says:

    This idiot Obummer doesn't have a chance in hell getting re-elected. If he's lucky he might get indicted for his forged birth certificate. Hopefully have to go to jail. Yep first president of the United States put in jail! If so I'll laugh my ass off.! Hope he goes to jail and change his partner! hahahjahahahaha

  9. michael says:

    I want to see Ovomit and Eric holder, indicted for lying to Congress and the United States, forgery, I also want to see John Boehner and mitch McConnell and Eric
    Cantor arrested for not upholding the Constitution. These maggots need to be made an example of what not to do.

  10. michael says:

    Right now the higher ups in our government all need to be purged.
    Every last one of them and start over with a clean slate. Eric holder needs to sit with Obummer in a super max and play cards for the rest of their lives. Black Panthers are all a bunch of nitwits. I hope one of them try to tell me how to vote this upcoming election! I've got a surprise for the idiot. John Boehner and the other top republicans need to be thrown out too without any benefits. They didn't uphold the Constitution. All these nitwits need to go by the wayside..

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