Democrats’ Latest Tax Target: Private Corporations

Donkey 2 SC 300x300 Democrats Latest Tax Target: Private Corporations

First it was people earning at least $1 million a year. Now Democrats seeking their next election-year target for tax increases on better-off Americans may have found it: the owners of many privately held corporations.

Democrats are considering trying to make it harder for owners of so-called S corporations to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes on some of their earnings, said a Senate Democratic aide speaking on condition of anonymity to reveal an emerging party strategy.

Though decisions have not been finalized, the proposal would affect such companies with earnings of at least $250,000 annually and would raise roughly $5 billion to $6 billion over the coming decade, the aide said. Democrats might use it to help pay for an upcoming effort being pushed by President Barack Obama to keep college students’ loan rates from doubling this summer, to finance another initiative or for deficit reduction.

This Democratic plan — which has been under discussion among congressional and Obama administration aides — would tighten the definition of S corporation income on which payroll taxes must be paid. The idea is likely to face strong Republican opposition in the Senate, but Democrats believe there would be political value in simply forcing GOP senators to vote on the measure, win or lose.

S corporations are a widely used way of forming businesses, commonly used by many professional service practices like doctors and lawyers, as well as by construction, retail and real estate companies. There are more than 4 million of them in the United States. They are named after the subchapter of the tax code that defines them.

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