Democrats Inject More Than $9 Million Into N.C. Senate Race

Photo credit: Mark Peterson (Flickr)

A new ad sponsored by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will continue bombarding North Carolina voters until the upcoming election. According to a recent Roll Call report, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis, who currently serves as the state House speaker, is the subject of the campaign’s negative ad.

In an effort to make Democrat rival Kay Hagan look better by comparison, the 30-second spot blasts Tillis for “cutting nearly $500 million” from the state’s education system, ostensibly “creating chaos in our classrooms and hurting middle class families while giving tax breaks to yacht and jet owners.”

The typical class warfare rhetoric concludes with the narrator condemning Tillis for “cutting schools [and] giving breaks to the wealthy.”

DSCC’s counterpart, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, issued a statement lambasting the $9.1 million expenditure. Spokesperson Brad Dayspring told Breitbart that the influx of money is meant to protect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid by keeping the North Carolina seat under Democrat control.

“We’ve said for the past year that Kay Hagan is a weak candidate with little to run on,” he explained, “so the only path for Democrats in North Carolina is to run the nastiest, ugliest, most dishonest campaign in the state’s history.”

While making up for Hagan’s perceived shortcomings is one reason the committee has pumped so much money into the race, he said a primary motivation is Tillis’ strong showing against the Democrat.

“The DSCC is fully aware that if Kay Hagan loses North Carolina, their majority is gone,” he asserted. “Their firewall is in North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado, and Michigan.”

The multimillion dollar injection amounts to the party hitting “the panic button,” he explained, citing the growing opportunity Republicans have to take back the Senate.

As Breitbart noted, the GOP is poised to capitalize on the dip in Barack Obama’s approval rating and the plagiarism charges against Montana Sen. John Walsh that prompted him to drop out of the race. Beyond that, Republicans need to pick up only five more seats – potentially including North Carolina – to relegate Reid and his party to minority status.

Photo credit: Mark Peterson (Flickr)

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