Democrats’ Global Warming Story Falls Apart

Pelosi Gore Global Warming Saucer SC Democrats Global Warming Story Falls Apart

We’re back at Camp Donkeyland, peeking in as kindly old Uncle Democrat is once again scaring his Republican children with campfire ghost stories. This time, Uncle Democrat tells his naïve little children (Marco, Kelly, Bob, John, and Lindsey) that global warming is real and that if they don’t support Uncle Democrat’s “fix” for it, they will be labeled “Enemies of the State.”

He asks, “You don’t want to be labeled an ‘Enemy of the State,’ do you children?” Little Marco, the most reliable of the Republican children, proudly chirps up “No ‘Enemy of the State’ for me.” Then wiping a tear from his eye, he smiles bravely and says “ When I grow up, I want to by just like you, Uncle Democrat!”

Uncle Democrat replies,” You’re a good boy Marco, but not all of the other boys and girls in your bunkhouse are as good. Some say they don’t believe me. Others even challenge me in public.”

Little Kelly, who is new to camp Donkeyland, says “Oh, Uncle Democrat, I’m so embarrassed to be a Republican!”

What Uncle Democrat isn’t telling his little campers is that even some of the other counselors are openly expressing their doubts that global warming is real.  Counselor Nate Cohn of the New Republic has written, “Since 1998, the warmest year of the twentieth century, temperatures have not kept up with computer models that seemed to project steady warming; they’re perilously close to falling beneath even the lowest projections.”

Counselor Cohn also said, “In the end, the so-called scientific consensus on global warming doesn’t look much like consensus when scientists are struggling to explain the intricacies of the earth’s climate system, or uttering the word ‘uncertainty’ with striking regularity.”

Uncle Democrat can’t let the children learn they have been systematically lied to about “Global Warming” and that it’s a hoax. The only thing Uncle Democrat and his staff care about is keeping their Republican children scared and huddling around the campfire. That way, they will do whatever they are told to “fix” this imaginary “problem.”

Luckily for Uncle Democrat, the children can’t read, so they only get their news from his media friends who write Camp Donkyland’s “Approved News and Views.”

If only the children would read!

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