Democrats Declare War On Asians; They Are Way Too Successful For Marxism

Photo credit: epSos .de (Flickr)

Asians in Democrat-run cities had better be on guard; the Democrats’ War on Asians is about to get under way.

For the past few years, Democrats have been whining about the war on women they imagine Republicans are conducting. Their empty charges can’t be proved, but they don’t have to be because they’re nothing more than fundraiser letter material designed to separate liberal women from their money.

Nevertheless, the Democrats have actually started their own war; and this one is on Asians. To the Democrat Party, Asians are a blazing red reminder that success is not given to people by Democrats or anyone else. Success is earned, and Democrats don’t want their dummies to know this. Smothering this fact is therefore a high priority for Democrats because they rely on lies.

In the cities that Democrats control, there are often specialized public high schools that only accept students who have scored high enough on an entrance exam. Naturally, because they have been largely ill-educated by unionized teachers, black and Hispanic students rarely qualify for entrance to these top schools.

Speaking about the woeful record of black and Hispanic applicants to New York City’s top high schools, a liberal fraud has written: “This year, only 5 percent of seats at those eight schools were offered to black students and 7 percent to Latinos, in a city where the public schools are 70 percent black and Latino. At Stuyvesant High School, just 3 percent of offered seats this year went to black and Latino students.” There is, of course, no mention of the fact that Asians are taking these seats in lopsided proportion to their population numbers.

In his brief, 777 word bleat, the liberal fraud mentions blacks and Hispanics a dozen times and “whites and Asians” not once.

The solution to this “infuriating” violation of the rules of the Democrats’ plantation? Well, the system of having students admitted to these schools based on merit has to be subverted.

Asians in Democrat-infected cities had better be on high alert because the Democrats’ war on them is coming. Quotas designed to cheat successful Asians out of the fruits of their hard work are bound to be imposed, especially in Comrade de Blasio’s New York. Once Asians have learned rule Number 1 of the Democrat Plantation–that effort will be penalized and sloth rewarded—they’ll soon fall into line.

That, or they will face even stiffer penalties.

Photo credit: epSos .de (Flickr)

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    Blacks kill every race..And illegals and Muslims, sad world we live in . Top 3 killers in USA.

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