Democrat Rep.: Kill Babies Because “They Have Colic”

Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

The aborto-centric left has pushed countless reasons they feel warrant the massacre of millions of human beings. Generally, their cause is geared toward the convenience of women who, because of their own actions, were saddled with a growing baby they simply do not want.

Few have expressed such disregard for life as callously as Iowa State Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell.

During a recent House debate, the Democrat listed several reasons mothers might want to snuff out the life of their own offspring before he or she ever gets the opportunity to experience life outside of the womb.

Citing a laundry list of “challenges they bring,” Wessel-Kroeschell apparently believes the best option for many mothers is to remain so self-centered that a few minor inconveniences outweigh the life they helped create.

“They have colic,” she said of the babies she so easily relegates as disposable, “the sleepless nights, the finances, the disciplinary challenges, the education challenges, the birth defects, the mental health issues, the learning disabled – the list goes on and on.”

Her remarks came as she and other radical leftists in her state fight to retain the right of a doctor in another state to prescribe abortifacient drugs to pregnant women after merely talking to them on camera for a few minutes. She has received numerous donations from Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-abortion groups, whose messages are echoed in her extreme defense of the murderous act.

In reality, though, she embodies the prevailing sentiment among the far-left feminist crowd in today’s America.

She proudly proclaims that “we have the right to make those decisions,” while expertly dodging the actual implications of the choices to which she refers. While some disingenuous abortion proponents cite the incredibly rare cases of pregnancy resulting from rape in their call to keep the inhumane practice perfectly legal, facts fail to back up their claim.

Three in four women who make the decision to kill their babies do so, by their own admission, for the sake of convenience. About one in 100 seek an abortion because of rape.

Though her vile rationale should disgust anyone with the slightest respect for the sanctity of life, at least she is honest enough to concede that she considers a full night’s sleep as more important than a human’s inherent right to be born.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. Perhaps her mother should have listened to her "prematurely" and we wouldn't have this idiot.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Now if her mother had the opportunity to abort we'd have one less liberal asshole in this country.It goes to show Hitler lives on.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Her parents should of aborted her, with a clothes hanger.

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