Democrat Congressional Candidate Expresses Vile Thoughts About This Teen Girl

Photo Credit: Facebook/Kendall Jones

As Western Journalism reported, 19-year-old cheerleader and hunting enthusiast Kendall Jones withstood a great deal of backlash – including death threats – for images she posted on Facebook of some of the animals she shot during some of her exotic expeditions.

She withstood those attacks, however, thanking the many well-wishers who spoke out in her defense.

Since then, Facebook has unpublished several of the photos it deemed non-compliant with the site’s terms. The hate has also spread to Twitter, where Mike Dickinson, a self-described “left wing liberal” congressional candidate in Virginia, has been spewing outrageous invective against the teen.

While openly wishing for a college student’s death is a stance many might find unforgivable, perhaps Dickinson’s most shocking posts involve his solicitation of explicit photos of the teen.  

A cursory look at the responses to his outlandish posts shows the general public is decidedly against him. Nevertheless, Dickinson engages many of those who criticize him.

Some of his responses suggest his disdain for proper grammar is on par with his hatred of armed teenagers.

Not only does he disparage Jones; Dickinson takes on her family and conservative hunters in general.

Interspersed among his rambling posts is some evidence that his tirade has been concocted to attract attention. Furthermore, reports indicate that Dickinson is not, in fact, running as an official Democrat candidate in the upcoming election.

If his intent truly is to elicit backlash, it is fairly obvious that his mission has been accomplished.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Kendall Jones

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