Democrat Candidate Accidentally Released Her Secret Campaign Strategy And It Is Truly Shocking

Photo Credit: Facebook/Michelle Nunn

Though politicians in general might have a reputation for using sleazy and disreputable tactics in pursuit of power, most campaigns reveal little about what goes on behind the scenes. While cynics usually rely only on conjecture in castigating politicians and their handlers, one Georgia Democrat reportedly laid out all of the sordid details of her campaign’s inner workings.

According to a recent National Review article, the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn is now seeking a seat in the same chamber representing the largely rural state of Georgia. A document made public briefly online several months ago has shed light on how Michelle Nunn, a Maryland native, hopes to attract voters in the southern state.

What was apparently intended to be a private correspondence between campaign insiders reveals a candid – and some might say offensive – look at the state, specifically its racial makeup. One of several memos released takes a look at how the Nunn campaign hopes to take advantage of the stereotypical attributes of various ethnicities.

For starters, campaign organizers cite deep pockets within the Jewish community as a source of revenue, even going so far as to suggest that Nunn’s perceived support of Israel would be crafted to attract the largest donations.

“There is tremendous financial opportunity,” the memo states, “but the level of support will be contingent on her position.”

Immediately after that, the memo indicates that her message regarding the Jewish nation has yet to be determined.

The campaign takes a similarly trite approach to the Asian community, which is described as a potentially lucrative group provided Nunn can appeal to its desires, specifically to “become citizens quickly.”

As for blacks and Hispanics, the campaign is decidedly more interested in getting them to vote than in soliciting campaign donations.

Nunn must appeal to both races, the documents insist, and “change the turnout from what it would ordinarily be in a midterm election.”

This directive apparently indicates a desire to combat white voters with an influx of minorities. The campaign admits earning only three in 10 white votes is about as much as it can hope for given Nunn’s reputation as a candidate unconcerned with the rural whites living outside of the Atlanta area.

One campaign proposal included sending postcards of the Nunn family surrounded by “rural-oriented imagery” to buttress that prevailing impression.

In addition to dividing potential voters by race, the Nunn campaign also pointed to sexual deviants of all stripes as a group providing a “huge opportunity” for fundraising and political support.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Michelle Nunn

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  1. Just another liberal democrat scumbag. What else would you expect?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Her father may have been a liberal with some brains and good sense but his daughters integrity ran down her mothers leg during conception.People of Georgia should know she is using them to get to be senator .If she loved GHeorgia so much why did the scumbag move to Maryland.

  3. It's like finding old chicken eggs in the hen house, you have to be careful with them, if they explode you smell like hell…Deemers just generally smell bad today…..

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