Dem Rep Victim Of ‘Knockout’ Game?

By United States Congress (U.S. Government Printing Office) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Though largely ignored by the mainstream media, a disturbing trend known as the “knockout game” has been spreading throughout the nation. Black aggressors have been increasingly targeting whites and other non-blacks for vicious beatings that have resulted in multiple fatalities so far.

When a Democrat congresswoman from New York was punched in the back of the head Tuesday in Washington, D.C., many initially thought she might have been a victim of the ruthless act.

The so-called game has been more prevalent within urban communities with strict gun ownership laws, such as D.C.

Rep. Grace Meng could not identify her attackers, though her description of the event bears a striking similarity to many of the previously reported cases of such criminal behavior.

After being “hit from behind” and landing on the ground, she said “there is a period of time where I don’t really remember what happened.”

When she ultimately received assistance, Meng had just a spotty recollection of the event. Her purse had been stolen and was later recovered nearby.

Robbery is not a necessary aspect of the knockout game; and another bag containing credit cards and a phone was left at the scene of Meng’s beating.

Her attack came just days after two other D.C. women were hit in the back of the head in a very similar manner. Police say they are currently investigating the incident.

Unfortunately, minorities who feel somehow wronged by another segment of the population are now apparently taking matters into their own hands by targeting innocent pedestrians. While Meng will likely recover quickly from her attack, the residual effects of such a trauma will remain.

Hopefully, this terrible incident will help her and others realize that Democrat policies — such as restrictive gun control laws and pandering to the victimization culture prevalent in the minority community — have laid the groundwork for these reprehensible knockout games.

–B. Christopher Agee

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