Delivery Driver Demoted For Fighting Off Robbers

Pizza Hut SC Delivery driver demoted for fighting off robbers

Just weeks after a colleague was the victim of an armed robbery, a pizza delivery driver in Maryland was confronted by a gang of five would-be robbers and punched in the face.

Thinking quickly, the man retrieved a fiberglass tent pole and began fending off the group of hoodlums.

Two of the five teens have since been arrested and face charges of robbery, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment.

As for the driver, he escaped injury but recalls the terror he felt during the incident.

“I thought I was going to die,” he said, adding that one person against five is “not a good situation to be in.”

Surviving such an attack is upsetting enough, but his employer compounded the ordeal by demoting him for his actions. That’s right – instead of lauding his defensive instincts and expressing gratitude that he was unharmed, supervisors put him on kitchen duty and cut his pay for ostensibly violating a corporate “no weapons” policy.

Anything used to defend oneself against a mob attack can be considered a weapon in the broadest sense of the word, I guess; but there has been no evidence produced that this employee brought a tent post with the intention of using it to harm others.

He was put in a terrible situation – one he would have avoided if not for his job – and did what was necessary in that moment to escape with his life. The very same employer that expected him to go out into a potentially violent environment to deliver its pizzas punished him for doing so with bravery and effectivity.

Instead of focusing on preventing criminals from attaining weapons, moral relativists see anyone with any weapon as a threat to society. This thinking is what leads to zero tolerance weapons policies such as the one in place at this employer.

Apparently, the pizza chain would prefer to see its drivers return in a body bag than with a tent post.


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Photo credit: s myers (Creative Commons)


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  1. What can you be demoted to at Pizza HUT?

  2. YOU Can BET Pizza Hut is NOT a car I will ever see in my driveway! I wouldn't buy Pizza Hut if they gave it to me for a buck!! Makes more sense to arm a man who has their money, not get robbed you STUPID, blind Idiots!! Some has thier head stuck in an orifice to deep to remove!!

    • NO2Obama007 says:

      You better believe it! Let's hope a different employer steps up and hires this young man to get him out of that sh#$#hole!

  3. NO2Obama007 says:

    A shining example of the disgusting deterioration to this country. I sincerely hope his boss and the ignorant a-holes who demoted this young man, are they themselves faced with personal danger from criminals. Then let's see how they feel about what they've done. Common sense doesn't exist with liberalism. They are so caught up in their fantasy world, that they crossed moral lines without ever even seeing them. THESE are the people that scare me!

  4. How About a Nationwide Ban on Pizza Hut for being IDIOTS!!!!
    This Guy used Self Defense using whatever he could find and would have either been killed or hospitalized for a few lousy bucks!
    I will Never Order not Step Foot in a Pizza Slut as long as I live!!!
    And I will pass the word along to my 5000 facebook friends who I hope will do the same,
    This shyt has got to stop!
    Where is the common sense!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I have crossed off Pizza Hut also,I'll eat grass before I give another dollar to the Pizza Hut chain for being so stupid.

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