Defining Conservatism: Major Pullouts Rock CPAC

Brian Fitzpatrick, WorldNetDaily

Two more big guns of the conservative movement confirmed today they are not participating in the Conservative Political Action Conference next month because of the continued participation of the homosexual activist organization GOProud.

The Heritage Foundation, the largest think tank in Washington and not known as part of the religious right, confirmed that it is not taking part in what has been the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the country. Heritage has been an active participant in CPAC every year for the last 10.

“We have withdrawn,” said Mike Gonzalez, vice president of communications for the Heritage Foundation. “We have been there for many, many years at the highest level of participation.

“We believe in the traditional definition of the family,” Gonzalez explained. “We believe in defending the family against any threats that come against it. We’re not for gay marriage. We don’t think institutions that have existed for millennia can be done away with at the drop of a hat.”

Gonzalez emphasized that the “three pillars” of conservatism, economic liberty, national defense and social conservatism, are “indivisible.”

In addition, the Media Research Center, led by Brent Bozell, a longtime associate of the hosting organization, the American Conservative Union, announced it was dropping out.

“We’ve been there 25 years, since our inception,” said Bozell. “To bring in a ‘gay’ group is a direct attack on social conservatives, and I can’t participate in that.”

A member of the CPAC board of directors put the revolt in perspective.

“This is a huge blow to CPAC,” said Floyd Brown, president of the Western Journalism Center and founder of Citizens United. “It shows the CPAC leadership needs to do a full evaluation of their decision to allow this homosexual group to be a participating organization.”

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    • They are freaks of nature, and if they had any brains they should just shut up about their disgusting life style PERIOD, and Gates and Mullin should be replaced Immediately and put the Marine General in charge.

  2. john littlefield says:

    we dont need faggots the conservtive movement.

  3. Edward Perkins says:

    Like the Media Research Center and the Heritage Foundation, I have pulled my support and membership from ACU/CPAC. I'm especially thankful that the Heritage Foundation pulled its support and has publicaly stated its concern and support for the traditional family. I'm a member of both MRC and ACU.
    The other issue that needs to be followed is the embselment problem at ACU by one of its staff.

  4. So many homosexuals will live and die and never know how wrong they were.

    • You are wrong Tomm. The day will come when they WILL know how wrong they were because they will have to stand in judgment of their lifestyle CHOICE. God always has the last Word!

  5. Many liberals and some misguided conservatives may dis agree, but this lifestyle is a choice and should not be flaunted in the face of those who for religious and/or moral grounds believe it is wrong. To me it is no worse than hearing the term'whitey' or (n-word). At least with words, you can claim freedom of speech…maybe hate-speech, but speach none the less. This lifestyle is an affront to many, make that MOST, in America.

  6. Gay isn't the proper word for homosexuals and it's getting verry irritating to see it continualy used in reference to a perversion of the natural order of man. Would you allow a Jeffery Dahmer to live next door to you – how about teach at your school? Would you sit next to him at Church services – how bout across the table as a guest in your house?
    Homosexuals can and should be forgiven but only when they repent and change. Whether that takes therapy or self determination. Thenand only then should they be considered as a part of society. Don't get absurd with the Jeff comparison . Homosexuality is a perversion and there is no word that will change it.They should be shunned & ostrisized from all walks of our social life the same way as any criminal would be . The are an obamanation GOD said so. How long will you accept a being that flaunts the will of GOD and not only pushes it in your face but demands that you accept their abhorent behavior as well as their attempt to indoctrinate your children? Get up woos and stomp these groups into the mud before God gets tired of your inactivity and slaps you.

  7. john littlefield says:

    i dont think we need faggots in the movement.

  8. The "gay group" shoul;d never have been allowed to join this conservative body! I suspect money and greed has alot to do with them being allowed to join! If they are not booted, then the conservative group will be defunct. Maybe that's the "gay groups" goal, destroy this conservative group!

  9. If a person is gay, they MUST vote Democrat even though that gay person may NOT allign his political ideals with the Democrat socialist movement. Note to Republicans: Homosexual people exist. And they have a right to exist. Please, Repubs and Tea Partiers: Keep your eyes on our country being overwhelmed by the Obama communist agenda, and leave yourself OUT of people's personal underwear.

  10. Angelicsweep says:

    Why is it that groups such as homosexuals weld so much power? They are a tiny amount in comparison to straight people, yet they are pushing this down our throats. I could care less what someone does in the PRIVACY of their own homes, but it really ticks me off to have it pushed in my face! It seems like the left tends to join these types of groups…embracing them, if you will, to push agendas of their own. Homosexual behavior is against all that we are taught in the Bible and I believe that most homosexual behavior is a chosen lifestyle because it is easier than following what the Bible teaches…sin is always easier than taking responsibility for your actions!

    • Your right that the left uses and recruits several minority groups to gain enough people to challenge the straight people in number. the left are crazy, certifiably, and medically CRAZY. There's no other reason for the ridiculous things that they manufacture. They've sat around in a class debating and trying to beat the system for so long that they've convinced themselves that they are superior and the average American is stupid because we didn't go through all the years of college that they had. They have brainwashed themselves into believing that they are better to make decisions. They are in my mind seriously sick minded and obviously dangerous. Period!

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