Death (Panels) and Taxes

Ben Johnson,

Barack Obama has unveiled his agenda for balancing the budget: Raising taxes on the living, then sending them to an early grave. In his speech this afternoon, Obama confirmed long-running suspicions that he views extravagant expenditures as “core investments,” believes all wealth belongs to the government, questions the “patriotism” of those who believe in limited government, and plans to set to establish a “commission” to deny seniors medical treatment he deems “unnecessary.”

Debt Service Lip Service

After 20 meandering minutes of strawman-smashing and hand-wringing over Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, Obama outlined his four-step plan. He began by insisting he would “make the tough cuts” Republicans pried out of him, but he would never sacrifice “core investments”…like “broadband access” and “clean energy technology.” Such priorities allowed this president to rack up more debt in 19 months than all of his predecessors combined.

In a rare display of honesty, Obama vowed….

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  1. Gary Hunt says:

    Romney is incorrect, Obama’s father was not a citizen and his mother renounced her citizenship before Obama was born. Obama was born in Keyna, his grandmother said she was there at his birth and she has never left Keyna in her entire life. Therefore Obama is NOT a citizen of the United States.

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