Death of the Senate and the Path to Tyranny


In a column titled “The Death of the Senate,” Newt Gingrich wrote: “No one should be confused about what happened [last Thursday]. The Obama Democrats killed the United States Senate as a deliberative body 226 years after the Founding Fathers created it.”

As a student of government history and fiscal policy, it has been my observation that the Constitution, and the make-up of the government, were deliberately designed to cause the law-making process to be slow and deliberate.  Issues should be brought to committees, and then to the floor, to be debated.  Voices should be heard—both pro and con.  Votes should be taken.  Making laws should not be a quick and easy process.  Just look at the Omnibus packages that were railroaded through Congress, and then signed into law before the ink was even dry.

The most recent example of these would be the “Affordable” “Care” and Patient “Protection” Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, in honor of the President who recklessly hammered the legislation through.  It is a disaster of unintended consequences, and unconstitutional INTENDED causes, that was fed to the American People by means of a series of outright lies.

I used the quotation marks because the law is not affordable, the Administration does not care, and the only similarity between Obamacare and Protection is the similarity with the protection rackets so prevalent in the President’s hometown!

Most of the legislators who voted on this monstrosity never even read it!  I read it.  I am a fast reader, and a quick study.  It took me longer to read than it took the bill to go through committee, debate, vote, passage, and Presidential signature.  It is a hopeless maze of oppressive mumbo-jumbo and legal obfuscation.

Chief executives with their dangerous and autocratic Executive Orders that usurp authority from the constitutional process, and a Congress whose primary concern is for keeping their cushy jobs, have bastardized the system to the point where the founders would find it unrecognizable.  Some have suggested that there is a coup brewing, and I have to wonder!  What other reason can there be for making such power grabs, than to devolve us from citizens to subjects.  All hail Emperor Gaius Obamatus Caesar!

In fact, I believe that if Washington, Jefferson and Adams were alive they would be in a room over some tavern in Philadelphia, busy plotting another Revolution.

I had a friend respond to that, as follows, “If the founders were alive today, I should think that they would be working within the system, to bring down those who are most at fault—Much like Ted Cruz and some others are trying to do!”

I find that to be well and truly spoken.  However, I believe that they would not recognize the system, but would immediately recognize the tyranny that it has become.  They had a similar system of laws, as British subjects, and had King George III simply given them a voice in Parliament, we might be Subjects of the Crown, even now!

And, he mentions Ted Cruz.  I am a huge fan of Senator Ted Cruz!  However, when he used the system properly, and to some good effect, they simply changed the rules, and the corrupters made him into the villain!  What then, but to organize, and set the rules aright!

We are at what Malcolm Gladwell would define as a tipping point, and we must not get caught up in apathy, or in the misbegotten idea that one person cannot make a difference. While that may be true, it is also strikingly true, that groups of individuals can regain a voice, and return us to the system that made us a great country.

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  1. Just one of thousands of Constitutional reasons to remove ALL Progressives from all levels of government, our schools and courts. They are a cancer to freedom.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you there Thomas.One good thing that progressive Lewis kicked the bucket one less liberal to worry about.Now if only Dingy Harry and Poopalosi did the same plus Obuma.

  2. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    and Gingrich himself killed the US economy and middle class when he helped Clinton pass WTO and NAFTA just as Ross Perot said they would do back in 1992. Phyllis Schlafly has already outed Gingrich for the CFR Establishment globalist traitor he is.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    That little dwarf from Neveda Dingy Harry Reid does everything he can to undermine the senate because that his marching orders from the evil sand monkey Obutthole

  4. Linda From NY says:

    First thing that should be done is Throw OUT Dirty Harry Reid and he should be investigated for crooked dealings. He is un-American and a traitor, he is making allowances for Odumbo's agendas

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