Dating Site Capitalizes On Healthcare Failure

Obamacare Website Rabbit Hole SC

As millions of Americans contemplate their healthcare options in the wake of ObamaCare’s disastrous roll out, one dating website is offering some help.

Administrators at are no strangers to controversy. The site’s business model depends on young women meeting wealthy older men in their effort to find a “sugar daddy.”

Its latest marketing ploy, however, uses that foundation to both increase traffic to the site and expertly skewer Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

Urging visitors to avoid getting “screwed” by the government healthcare plan, the website offers a creative solution for at least one segment of the population.

“The average twenty-something woman not covered on her parents’ insurance will likely see an increase to her monthly premium,” the site explains. To those who secure the affection of a sugar daddy, however, those monthly payments “will seem like no big deal – not to mention the spare cash.”

According to information on the site, the average young female member receives $3,000 per month upon finding a suitable sugar daddy. Furthermore, searches for the term “health care” have almost doubled on the site in recent weeks.

Of course, entering a relationship based solely on financial gain is not only shallow but ultimately unfulfilling. Nevertheless, remains in business by ostensibly offering a service the public desires.

As more and more disillusioned young people realize what Barack Obama has done to this nation over the past five years, there might be a greater call for this unorthodox dating site than ever before.

Publicity for the new marketing plan includes a redesigned website, social media videos, and a billboard campaign. While the ultimate success of this campaign remains to be seen, one thing is already clear – it is much easier to register for a dating profile than enroll in ObamaCare.

–B. Christopher Agee

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