Darrel Issa: Lois Lerner Acted Against Conservatives For Obama

Darrell Issa, the Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter with 50 questions to the head of the IRS over the weekend.

“We have some serious questions for the commissioner.  The biggest one being: You came before us; you said you’d tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth under oath.  Do you believe you told the whole truth? The answer is he did not tell the whole truth,” said Issa.  “The most critical [question] really has to do with, in fact, who made the decision to destroy the document.”

“I believe Lois Lerner is hiding something.  I believe the Justice Department, the IRS, and the White House are interested in her succeeding in hiding what she’s hiding, which is targeting of conservative groups based on their ideology in support of the president’s war on Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that he didn’t like,” Issa said on Fox News Monday morning.

“This is something he vehemently opposes, and Lois Lerner acted on his opposition,” Issa reiterated.

“Could it lead to political operatives of the president? Yes,” Issa said, noting that the investigation was being “stymied” by these “missing” emails that should have been recovered.

John Koskinen must answer to Issa in a Oversight hearing tonight at 7 p.m. regarding the Lerner computer crash and the missing emails from the IRS.

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