Culture Wars Changing To A Struggle For Survival

The first time I heard the term “culture war” was when Bill O’Reilly published a book of the same title almost a decade ago.  At the time, I really didn’t understand the term’s meaning.  That has changed as the years go past and I have become more involved in the struggle for our country’s future.  My sense of the situation in America today is that the struggle has morphed from an academic discussion of beliefs to a battle for survival.  Freedom-loving Americans face an unprecedented assault on their way of life, their economic future, and even their religion and physical security.

One has to only look at recent events in Nevada at the Clive Bundy ranch for a prime example.  The legal issues aside, I think there is a national consensus that the federal government overreached in its use of force to resolve the situation.  This event was only the last in a long string of similar circumstances where the federal government has been seen as the aggressor.  The problem is that this type of armed aggression has primarily been used against right-of-center entities in their struggle for maintaining their way of life.  Does anyone really believe that a hundred armed federal agents with high powered weapons would have descended upon a leftist compound similarly violating perceived federal land ownership rights?  I don’t think so.

Recently, a statistic was released that showed slightly less than one hundred million taxpayers were supporting almost twice as many Americans receiving federal benefits.  Any small business owner fully understands the tax bite that various forms of government levy against the profits of their hard work.  However, it is the large tax bill combined with a heavily armed tax collector that is really scary.  Now let’s add to that the fact that federal agencies, and specifically the IRS, have been used by the Obama administration to target the political opposition.  So far, the tactics used have been only to stifle free speech and influence elections.  But how long will it be before armed force is used to further their political goals?  It’s not a stretch between breaking the law to stifle free speech to intimidating opponents with federal agents.

Religion is another arena where certain, and only certain, segments of the population feel under assault.  The federal government and progressive organizations seem to bend over backwards to accommodate Muslim and other religious faiths and sensitivities, while Christians are fair game for ridicule and the suppression of their religious beliefs and practices.  The Affordable Care Act is another bellwether example of this type of government overreach in forcing religious institutions to act against their beliefs.  It will be very interesting to see where the U.S. Supreme Court comes down on this issue in the near future, as SCOTUS is the last resort, besides political regime change, to fix this problem.

Finally, freedom loving Americans face an unprecedented assault against their values and way of life by a compliant mainstream media that cheerleads for the leftist agenda and its backers.  This refusal to act in the traditional role of the Fourth Estate and challenge and speak truth to power in the United States adds to the right’s sense of being backed into a corner.  In reality, the leftist media is enabling the federal, state, and local progressive authorities to selectively enforce laws, revel in graft and corruption, and attempt to stifle the political opposition and prevent a conservative agenda from taking hold.

I hope that if a Republican president is elected, he will immediately order a review to demilitarize federal agencies.  Let’s get rid of the millions of rounds of ammunition, the armored vehicles, and the aggressive police tactics.  It’s human nature to want to use these resources if federal agencies (and now local police) have them.  There is a reason the United States military is prevented from engaging on U.S. soil without direct presidential authority.  The Founders realized that a military presence could only lead to the same type of authoritarian regime they had recently fought a war to escape.  The events at the Bundy ranch show how little trust a large segment of the U.S. population has in the federal government.  This is a very dangerous state of affairs for the largest democratic republic in the world.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    abolish the IRS for a fair/flat tax

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