Cruz Sworn In As Texas’ First Hispanic US Senator

Ted Cruz SC Cruz Sworn In As Texas’ First Hispanic US Senator

AUSTIN, Texas (CBS/AP) — Tea party darling Ted Cruz has been sworn in as U.S. senator and says his first order of businessicon1 Cruz Sworn In As Texas’ First Hispanic US Senator will be introducing a bill he knows will never pass.

Cruz is a Cuban-American and former state solicitor general. On Thursday, he became the first Hispanic to represent Texas in the Senate.

He has pledged that his first bill would seek to repeal “every syllable of every word” of the Obama administration’s health care reform law.

Now in office, Cruz said he will keep that promise, even though he knows Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama will ensure his bill won’t become law.

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  1. The first order of business for this New Congress is to see to getting Obama impeached and thrown out preferably into Federal PRISON. The longer he is remaining as the occupier the damage he is doing to America. He is a HUGE FRAUD, EVIL, TWISTED, DERANGED LUNATIC! He is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, our ENEMIES. THROW HIM OUT!

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