Cruz Jolts Senate

Ted Cruz SC Cruz Jolts Senate

WASHINGTON — As the Senate edged toward a divisive filibuster vote on Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be defense secretary, Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, sat silent and satisfied in the corner of the chamber — his voice lost to laryngitis — as he absorbed what he had wrought in his mere seven weeks of Senate service.

Mr. Hagel, a former senator from Mr. Cruz’s own party, was about to be the victim of the first filibuster of a nominee to lead the Pentagon. The blockade was due in no small part to the very junior senator’s relentless pursuit of speeches, financial records or any other documents with Mr. Hagel’s name on them going back at least five years. Some Republicans praised the work of the brash newcomer, but others joined Democrats in saying that Mr. Cruz had gone too far.

Without naming names, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, offered a biting label for the Texan’s accusatory crusade: McCarthyism.

“It was really reminiscent of a different time and place, when you said, ‘I have here in my pocket a speech you made on such and such a date,’ and, of course, nothing was in the pocket,” she said, a reference to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s pursuit of Communists in the 1950s. “It was reminiscent of some bad times.”

In just two months, Mr. Cruz, 42, has made his presence felt in an institution where new arrivals are usually not heard from for months, if not years. Besides suggesting that Mr. Hagel might have received compensation from foreign enemies, he has tangled with the mayor of Chicago, challenged the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat on national television, voted against virtually everything before him — including the confirmation of John Kerry as secretary of state — and raised the hackles of colleagues from both parties.

 Read More at The New York Times . By Jonathan Weisman.

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  1. Good job Mr.Cruz

  2. Give those corrupt basterds hell Mr Cruz

  3. This is what accountability begins to look like.
    I don't think McCarthyism is a bad thing right now.

  4. Finally someone with some balls. GREAT GOING, Mr. Cruz.

  5. Catherine Shepherd says:

    After five years of research, I've come to the conclusion that if the liberal ("progressive") Democrats push for the passing of a certain bill; the applying of a certain regulation; or the placement of a certain person in a position of power, then it simply cannot be in the best interests of the nation and should be fought against tooth and nail.

  6. Chylene Ramsey says:

    What people fail to realize is that Sen. McCarthy was a hero. He just went too far. He single-handedly did more to keep the US from becoming a communist nation than any of the wars we fought did. He was slandered and defamed by those he stymied, but in retrospect, we can see he was right. Mr. Cruz showed a lot of courage in what he did, and saved us from yet another of Osama bin Obama's disastrous cronyism as politics ploys.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's about time we get people like Cruz in there instead of people like botox Boxer who would give this country away in a second.The bitch don't like being called maam but a$$hole would have been more appropriate.I hope Cruz don't fold like many republcans do.

  8. jalina stutte says:

    Im proud to say Ted Cruz is my Senator and he has not let any patriot in Texas down. Keep thier feet to the fire Senator Cruz, Show them what a real man looks and acts like!

  9. Senator Cruz has not gone far enough with his research! I stand behind Cruz, all the way! He is a breath of fresh air in this stale government! We need 100 more like him!

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