Critics Say RNC Was In Tank For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney with supporters 2 SC 300x199 Critics say RNC was in tank for Mitt Romney

The Republican National Committee was supposed to play the part of umpire in the GOP presidential primary, but some Republicans are grumbling that the committee wasn’t just calling balls and strikes.

Critics, including supporters of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and even neutral Republicans, argue that the national party took steps that helped tilt the contest toward Mitt Romney — an allegation that the RNC rejects but is taking very seriously.

The list of specific grievances ranges from issues that even the party acknowledges are legitimate, to those that they dismiss as desperate fixations from Romney’s flailing rivals.

For example, the committee agrees that some states that went for Romney jumped the line in the primary schedule, a violation of party rules. But RNC defenders shrug off other complaints, like that they undercut Santorum and Gingrich by formatting a delegate tracking list to pad Romney’s tally, by forming a fundraising alliance this week with Romney and by highlighting a rule that would block an unlikely path to the nomination for Gingrich.

And it’s possible they’ll be other clashes in the coming weeks, with the RNC signaling Thursday its opposition to a push by Santorum backers in Texas to alter the rules surrounding that state’s May 29 primary to help the former Pennsylvania Senator.

Read More at Politico. By Kenneth P. Vogel.

Photo Credit : Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. As soon as I heard that the RNC was/is backing Romney-I wanted to scream. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to pick our candidate. But, the RINO's in the RNC think that we are stupid. If Romney blows this and this "forced" nomination is his to win and he , by his dishonesty, and machinations may lose- I will hold each and every member of the RNC, Romney and all his backers (Coulter) directly responsible.

  2. Watching the RNC in action for so many years I told everyone in 2008 that the RNC would put Romney up to run against Obama in 2012 and , guess what I was right and how did I know…because he was next-in-line that's how. We Republicans have set through the same process beginning with Dole and nothing has changed they keep shoving the same Moderates down our throats every election cycle. Now, the members sent them a message in 2007-8 we wanted a conservative and who did we get McCain then again in 2010 only this time the members elected real conservatives where possible and the leaders went nuts because the new conservatives went into action and started the ball rolling unfortunately, they have not received any support from the main stream Elites and we now hang where we are today Moderates against Conservatives. Since the RNC Elites refuse to move towards conservationism again the members will boot out the majority of moderates/Rino`s and replace them with new members, at least that is what I hope they will do. The WEB is a powerful medium and members talk, maybe the RNC Elites should spend time listening and pay attention if not Change is Coming and they will not be prepared and they will not like the change.

  3. AmericansRon2U says:

    The Dems and Repubs have joined forces as one party to expand govt. and screw Americans. We need a new conservative, constitutional party, America! There is only ONE party now and it's time to take them down. I will do a write-in this year before I'd ever prostitute myself by voting for Willard. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is my choice because he actually stands for something…even while receiving death threats, he stands strong. That's the kind of person we need in the WH. We don't need another sniveling coward who sucks up to Obama like McCain did in 2008 and like Willard will do in 2012. It's time for change alright…not Obama's change, but true CHANGE!

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