Critic Of One-Child Policy Wins Nobel Prize

Red China flag SC Critic of One Child Policy Wins Nobel Prize

A Chinese author is “overjoyed and scared” to learn he has won the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature.

Mo Yan, whose most recent work titled Wa loosely translates to “frog,” has won the prize. Kat Lewis of All Girls Allowed tells OneNewsNow the book is about a woman who is a doctor in a rural area.

“She delivers babies, but also performs abortions on behalf of the Chinese Family Planning Committee there that enforces the one-child policy,” Lewis explains. “So, Mo Yan uses this woman’s fictional story to expose some of the really harsh realities of the one-child policy.”

That policy, which often results in forced abortions, is a harsh reality for Mo personally, making the book confessional in a sense.

“He had compelled his own wife to abort their second child. He was in the Chinese Army, and he knew that if they had a second child, he risked being demoted,” the AGA spokesperson details.

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Photo Credit: johntrathome (Creative Commons)

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