Court Declares Sending Text To Driver A Criminal Act

Cell Phone SC Court declares sending text to driver a criminal act

Overturning a previous ruling, an appeals court in New Jersey recently stated that both parties involved in a text conversation can be held liable if one is involved in a related crash.

Prosecuting the specific crime of texting while driving has always seemed disingenuous to me, considering there are already laws regarding distractions of any kind that impair one’s ability to navigate the roads. One specific diversion, at the exclusion of all others, should not be the target of legislation.

Nevertheless, such laws have received sufficient support to be enacted across the nation and, though incomplete, have hopefully resulted in saved lives and prevented collisions.

The recent ruling out of the Garden State, however, holds not just the texting driver culpable, but also the individual with whom he or she was communicating.

In its ruling, the court contended that “the sender has a relationship to the public who use the roadways similar to that of a passenger physically present in the vehicle,” noting that the texting party must have prior knowledge that the recipient is driving when the message is sent.

While the court was gracious enough to include that vague protection, the entire notion is endemic to the left. Instead of accepting responsibility, modern progressives seek instead to find excuses and spread blame as extensively as possible.

It makes no difference if an individual sends a text to someone while driving if the driver does not check the phone. The sole responsibility of avoiding such distractions should lie with the person behind the steering wheel.


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