Watch: Former CIA Agent Explains What Obama’s Next Move On The Border Could Be (And It Isn’t Pretty)

Buck Sexton

Buck Sexton of TheBlaze provides three potential situations that could happen at the border, where Obama is doing his best to keep it a sieve.

“There’s no doubt that the situation at the border is a total mess right now, which means that the unexpected is likely to happen,” Sexton said. “The president is going to do something. We’re not clear on what that is, but we’re going to have to take a look at what the possibilities are if we’re going to anticipate them.”

The former Central Intelligence agent suggests using a tactic he learned while in the CIA, called “red cell.” “Red cell is basically a war-gaming exercise; but it looks specifically at high-impact, low-probability scenarios,” he explained. “Things that could happen, and if they did happen, would really make a very big difference. It also looks at things that are likely, and tries to then give us a sense, an analytic sense, of where all this is going.”

“It’s a way of viewing potential outcomes without actually knowing the future,” he added.

The first anticipated possibility would be a “show of force” against U.S. citizens.

“This is based upon the reporting that federal agents are going to be showing up now with batons and with riot shields, prepared for less than lethal force usage against American citizens who protest these busing policies of taking illegal immigrants who are caught at or near the border and moving them into cities or towns far away from the border,” Sexton said.

Sexton’s guest, the president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Dan Stein, said that there is “no question” there could be “an incident” saying, “the average American would see [this] confirming in his or her mind that the federal government has set itself directly at variance with the interests of the American people.”

The second possibility is that Obama could expand deferred action categories. “This is just the ‘pen and the phone’ situation, where he just, on his own, says: ‘You know what, we’re not going to send back whole sections of people, whole different groups of people, because I say so,’” Sexton explained.

Stein responded that “nothing” could stand in the president’s way of expanding his power in such a way because “he’s already usurped the Congress’ role and taken control of who gets to come into this country.”

The last possibility Sexton considered was that there could be a “public health crisis” to force the Democrats to change their stance on the situation, which he said “seems to be amnesty in different ways and different means.”

According to a border health care official, a number of illegals entering the country have been diagnosed with various diseases ranging from tuberculosis, scabies, and chickenpox to a growing number of STD’s.

“The Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Senator Feinstein, they own this border crisis,” Stein said. “When Border Patrol agents are busy with young people, they’re not patrolling the borders.”

“I’ll tell you that the administration is playing with fire,” Stein remarked. “They’ve backed themselves into a very dangerous corner politically. …[And] the American people are seriously at risk.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. horns1313 says:

    thank you telling the truth is where to start as the world becomes more dangerous daily with emperor treason I get sick keep up the important work I will start hitting these buttons and join the team of real Americans

  2. horns1313 says:

    I do not hate in fact I do not blame anyone for wanting to live in the greatest nation . my question is why do you have so much hif ate for me I will agree that I am not very smart

    • You can't bullshit a bullshitter, Linda or Roger.

    • guesthree says:

      "you have so much hif ate for me"

      Read that back to yourself. Not very smart?

      JFC, you're one of the stupidest f ucking people I've ever seen. Get educated.

  3. Patriots For America says:

    This article is old as of July 2014, at the time many of these children and adults that were bus in were diseased, I am assuming they got the medical attention they needed, one would hope so for the sake of all of us.

  4. Patriots For America says:

    To Guest,
    As of last year, protesters turn back buses carrying illegal immigrant children and many were from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras and yes many of these illegals were diseased.

    This is what I was refering to you imbecile. If you want to make your point that is fine but don't insult me first. Moron!!

    • Read the first line of YOUR link, stupid. These were Homeland Security buses re-locating women and children from overcrowded centers in Texas. Yes, many had health issues as you probably would if you were 8 years old, alone, hopping a freight train and making a 4,000 mile journey with others in your situation with no bathroom facilities or even a way to wash your hands after you scraped your britches out. But they weren't 'diseased' as you'd like us to believe. They had head lice, some had scabies, not unlike AMERICAN homeless people at shelters, who you probably hate too. Save your hate for someone other than women and children, you phony Christian.

      I saw you wish death on someone last night. My wish for you is that you become infested with crabs (as if you haven't already been) and can't get your hands outside that Hefty bag to scratch yourself. Your payback for your hate will be 30 of your fellow Spaniards moving in next door to you BBQing goat meat that fills your Section 8 house with goat smoke.

      • Patriots For America says:

        Hey Guest, you Idiot,
        I already knew that, you're NOT telling me nothing new, this is what I was refering you phucken imbecile. As I said before that I hope these people were taken care of. I didn't wish anybody death, so stop accusing me of something I didn't do.

        WTF!! everytime one of you imbecles have a difference of opinion you trolls say it with nastiness, if you want to debate that is fine but don't expect me to take your sh!t, I'll throw it right back!! Phuck YOU!!! Azz-hole!!

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