Could The IRS Bring Down ObamaCare?

The ongoing scandal regarding IRS targeting of conservatives suggests the agency is available to do the Obama administration’s dirty work whenever it can. As the disastrous ObamaCare law barrels forward, however, such assistance will likely no longer be possible. In fact, some analysts predict an overburdened IRS might just be the ultimate downfall of the healthcare law.

For starters, an agency already responsible for enforcing the nation’s convoluted tax law will be required to issue additional penalties to the millions of Americans who refuse to sign up for a government-approved insurance plan. In total, the law means at least 45 new provisions are being added to agents’ workload.

Among those who have already enrolled, more than eight in 10 believe they qualify for subsidies. It will also be the IRS’s job to determine if these individuals truly are eligible for the federal discounts.

Agency officials recognize they are already woefully unprepared to adequately complete the tasks for which they are currently responsible. Whether through fraud or oversight, nonpayment of taxes has already resulted in a tax gap of almost $400 billion. If the IRS cannot track down this staggering sum of missing money, many conclude it stands little chance of fulfilling its new mandates.

IRS administrator John Koskinen candidly admitted this fact during a recent National Press Club address.

“The biggest challenge to us is funding,” he explained. “We have fewer employees and resources, even as our responsibilities expand.”

ObamaCare will only stretch the agency thinner, Koskinen said, noting that advancements in technology and other resources meant to make the tax-collecting process easier will suffer.

“Since we are mandated to implement [the Affordable Care Act],” he said, “that means our budget level for other major projects like updating our IT systems has been shelved.”

Though it seems the administration might have forecast this issue prior to ramming ObamaCare through the legislative process, this development strikes many as evidence that the White House was concerned only in the law’s passage – not its efficacy once enacted.

Still, some critics say the IRS is squandering what resources it does have. Florida Republican Rep. Ander Crenshaw wondered why, with a budget of more than $11 billion, the agency “can’t find the money to answer more than half the phone calls and yet you can find the money to pay $63 million in bonuses.”

No matter what agency officials are doing with their resources, however, it appears they are going to be unable – or unwilling – to absorb the added burden of enforcing ObamaCare. The idea of the administration’s enforcement arm destroying its most cherished accomplishment strikes many Americans as delicious irony.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. “The biggest challenge to us is funding,” he explained.

    ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME??!! How about the fact that TODAY, before Obamacare even hits the books, calls to the IRS reveal multiple. conflicting answers to the SAME question!

  2. scholar says:

    Good!!!!! Maybe the damnnnnn IRS will go bankrupt and out of existance…. I sure hope so!

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The biased IRS MUST be replaced by a fair/flat tax, abolishing the $13 Billion (reduced to $11 Bill as punishment from the House) department, money that should be spent on vets. obama is using the biased, corrupt, and broken IRS to go after people who have a certain political or religious view. The average working American, poor or rich or in-between, hates and fears the IRS for good reason. The IRS is able to seize your bank account or house without a court order, able to shut down your business overnight, the IRS is the closest thing to the Gestapo, America has ever had. Clearly, obama includes intimidation and thought control as part of his plan for “transforming America.” The lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical obama will do anything to keep that bias, which will never go away. Obama lied about when he first knew about this. Playing partisan politics with the tax code is about as constitutionally troubling as it gets (don’t pay your taxes!!!). This was clearly a tactic designed to neutralize the Tea Party movement in the middle of a presidential election, and obama will say anything but he should take a polygraph. America deserve better!. These “missteps” were shear “boneheaded decisions, (“not a smidgen of corruption”)” to quote obama. This usurper should not be president and should be in jail and the IRS deserves the scorn of Americans!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      MLC if we go to a fair or flat tax the politicians wouldn't be able to steal and people like Dingy Harry Reid would still be non millionaires.

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